Tinusaur OLED Display Kit

An educational kit for using the ATtiny85 microcontroller to measure and display sensor data

Feb 10, 2019

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FOSDEM Trip Report

The Free and Open source Software Developers’ European Meeting (FOSDEM) is one of the biggest events of its kind in Europe. As the name suggests, it’s all about open source - whether it is software, hardware, or any other form of knowledge.

The atmosphere here is unique. You see so many people — young and not so young ;) — who are not only interested in free and open source as users, but also are well-known contributors in the community.

Free and open source software are often mistaken with the ideas of "free as in no cost" or even with "freeware." In fact, there are new business models that are applicable specifically for open source, and they work pretty well. Many projects are funded this way and here at FOSDEM we had a chance to see and learn more about those projects.

Tinusaur is a good example of how to develop an open source product and at the same time have a sustainable business model that can fund its development.

The AW1.125 hall at FOSDEM had most of the talks about open source hardware and that was where we spent most of our time. We were very glad to see our friend and supporter Leon Anavi, who also mentioned Crowd Supply as a really good opportunity for crowdfunding and referred to the Tinusaur OLED Display as an example.

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