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The TinyFPGA EX is smaller than a stick of gum but it incorporates the powerful Lattice ECP5 FPGA providing everything needed to drive a custom embedded system of your own design. In addition to the incredible ECP5 FPGA and support components, the EX includes 64 MBit of onboard HyperRAM, 128 MBit of high speed SPI flash, and a microSD card slot. Both the SPI flash and HyperRAM support high speed data transfers: up to 80 MB/s on the SPI flash and up to 333 MB/s on the HyperRAM.

Three Variants to Choose From

Programming InterfaceUSB or JTAGUSB or JTAGUSB or JTAG
Logic Cells242888399483994
Distributed RAM194 KBit669 KBit669 KBit
18 x 18 Multipliers28156156
Block RAM1008 KBit3744 KBit3744 KBit
Hyper RAM64 MBit64 MBit64 MBit
User Flash120 MBit120 MBit120 MBit
MicroSD Card Slot111
Phase Lock Loops244
Delay Lock Loops244
User IO Pins (dedicated + shared)49 + 749 + 749 + 7
High Speed 5 Gbit SERDES002
High Precision 200 MHz Ref. Clock001

Features in all Variants

Open Source All the Way!

The TinyFPGA EX design files will be released on GitHub under an open source hardware license. The TinyFPGA bootloader used to provide USB support is open source. Finally, the SymbiFlow toolchain supports the ECP5 FPGAs used in the EX with NextPNR and Project Trellis. For higher level design needs, Migen and LiteX support is coming.

TinyFPGA is committed to open source hardware and software and the EX is no exception!

Current Status

Prototype hardware is up and running! The pictured board is functional and operating with the bootloader. There is more work to do for the 5G variant and to bring-up the HyperRAM.

Next Steps

The TinyFPGA EX is the next step up from the BX and is a very exciting project. Current plans are to launch the campaign this fall. Sign up now to be the first to know when pre-orders are open!

In the Press

Hackster News

"Field-programmable gate arrays (FPGAs) have come of age... The latest board in the range is the most powerful yet, the TinyFPGA EX."

About the Team


Sacramento, CA  ·   tinyfpga  ·   tinyfpga.com

TinyFPGA is a one-man endeavor to bring the incredible capabilities of FPGAs to makers around the world. Luke started TinyFPGA while looking for an FPGA that could be used in a breadboard. When no suitable candidate was found he took it upon himself to develop a tiny FPGA dev board.

Luke Valenty

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