Diabolic Drive

Stealthy, modern, wireless keystroke-injection tool in a universal, four-layer, double-sided flash-drive PCB form factor with 64 GB of storage

Oct 10, 2023

Project update 8 of 10

Introducing the Diabolic Drive ISP Programmer

by Omar Youssef

Hi everyone,

This is just a quick and light update to let you know that I have made a very simple ISP programmer with USB TYPE-C to interact with the Atmega32u4 bootloader on the Diabolic Drive. This programmer is very simple; its role is limited to burning the bootloader for the advanced users who need to change the bootloader of the Atmega32u4 or to recover the Diabolic Drive from Stealth mode, which hides the COM port of the Atmega32u4, back to the normal mode. This will provide the ability to upload Arduino sketches over USB or even upload your code directly to the Atmega32u4 without the need for a bootloader, using just the programmer.

The source files of this programmer will be fully released at the time orders are sent to backers and will be open for anyone who wants to better understand how the USB 3.0 pins in Diabolic Drive interact with the Atmega32u4 bootloader. This programmer is based on Atmega32u4, which runs the Arduino ISP sketch. You can get an idea of what’s going on in this old POC video:

You can also see the programmer in action in this video:

And lastly, here is a closer look at the programmer’s PCB:

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