Diabolic Drive

Stealthy, modern, wireless keystroke-injection tool in a universal, four-layer, double-sided flash-drive PCB form factor with 64 GB of storage

Jan 08, 2024

Project update 9 of 10

Manufactured, Fully Tested, and Shipping Soon!

by Omar Youssef

Hi everyone,

Today I’m very glad to inform you that the Diabolic Drive orders were all manufactured, fully tested and packaged. They have been shipped to Mouser and very soon to your homes.

Now is a perfect opportunity to double check that your shipping address is correct! You can check your address in your Crowd Supply account, and ask Crowd Supply Support for assistance if needed.

Fully hand-assembled with love by me ♥
Diabolic Drives are everywhere!

Thank you to all the backers and supporters. It was a long and tough journey, and you all being there made it the best one.

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