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Diabolic Drive

Stealthy, modern, wireless keystroke injection tool in a universal flash drive PCB form factor with 64 GB storage

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Diabolic Drive is a stealthy, modern wireless keystroke injection tool designed to be used in cyber security, particularly in Red Teaming. Unlike other flash drive keystroke injection tools, Diabolic Drive is designed to look and act like a modern, universally shaped PCB that functions as a USB 3.0 flash drive. "Universally shaped" means the PCB will fit inside almost any USB 3.0 enclosure.

Because a non-functional flash drive is suspicious, Diabolic Drive has a real flash storage memory of 64 GB. When you plug it in you can interact with it normally. Diabolic drive can be accessed remotely, over Wi-Fi. Fire your payload remotely and precisely, or pre-program the drive if you will not be there when it is plugged in.

All of these features, combined, have not been available elsewhere in the cyber security world until now. Diabolic Drive opens up untold social engineering attack possibilities.

Diabolic Drive Demo

Deliberately Stealthy

When Diabolic Drive is plugged into a host computer it acts just like a regular USB Flash Drive, including any audio notification you would normally hear. Your computer will identify Diabolic Drive as flash drive and HID device simultaneously, but only audio ping once, like a standard drive.

The payload delivered by Diabolic Drive is customizable and simple to write. It uses generic BadUSB script similar to DuckyScript language, so there is no need to compile. You can even write your payload on the fly through the Web UI.

Programming Options

You can program the ESP8266 two ways. OTA (over the air) through the web interface or with the ATMEGA32U4 acting as a serial bridge, giving you full control. When you plug the drive in, the USB has native support through it’s transceiver, which handles the connection. You can program the ATMEGA32U4 via Arduino IDE, and you can access its bootloader via defined pins. Instructions are available in our GitHub repo.

Features & Specifications

Diabolic Drive was designed for maximum capability and stealth, with an eye towards openness, flexibility, control, and is as future-proofed as possible.




You can find project information, programming instructions and a list of firmware options in our Github repo. Once our campaign funds we will add open source hardware files.

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In the Press

Hackster News

"USB Rubber Ducky devices appear to humans as innocent-looking flash drives. But to a computer, they present themselves as more... inserting one acts as a keyboard that... injects pre-determined keystrokes. However, Unit 72784 took the idea... further."

Circuit Digest

"USB Rubber Ducky devices have gained attention for their deceptive appearance as harmless flash drives... However... Diabolic Drive not only injects keystrokes, but also seamlessly functions as a genuine USB drive. "

About the Team

UNIT 72784

Cairo, Egypt  ·  unit72784

Cybersecurity hardware company developing unique Red Teaming and Penetration Testing hardware devices.

Omar Youssef


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