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Be a gentleman on and off the course with the Vesti Ascendi Dress Shirt and Tie for Golf.

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Oct 23 2013
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Vesti Ascendi is striving to return golf apparel to the classic look it once had. Currently on the golf courses the casual polo shirt is really the only “stylish” option. Vesti Ascendi is changing that with its patent pending dress shirt and tie.

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Vesti Ascendi has designed a classic men’s dress shirt that can be comfortably worn on or off the course. A blend of the highest quality Peruvian cotton and spandex gives the shirt softness and stretch. The unique back expansion pleat makes it possible to swing a golf club without any pull or restriction, yet maintaining a stylish fit. Ultra soft Pima cotton lines the collar and cuffs to add comfort on and off the course. The contrast colored Pima gives the shirt a little flare if worn casually.

Each sleeve also has a unique retention strap to roll up the long sleeves on hotter days. Finally, no annoying tags will be found on this shirt; all washing instructions and branding are screen printed on the collar. Every detail of the shirt was designed with a golfer in mind, yet maintaining the dress shirt look for on or off the course style. Vesti Ascendi apparel can be worn under a suit, alone, or even untucked for a casual look. It is the most versatile button up shirt on the market.

A dress shirt would not be complete without a tie. Vesti Ascendi has designed an adjustable "tie rail", that will secure your tie close to the shirt so it won’t impede your swing. The original Patent Pending elastic and button system will keep the tie in place without bunching or pulling the shirt. The tie can also be worn with or without the “tie rail” and is indistinguishable from a standard men’s tie.

The Vesti Ascendi Difference

Pima Cotton Inside Collar for a super soft feel around the neck.

No irritating tags anywhere. We screen-print our tag info to avoid irritation.

The Tie Rail. Our patent pending loop & strap system keep tie attached and out of your way.

Custom Branded Hanger. Always have your shirt hung and ready.

Straight Bottom, making the shirt great for those tucked and untucked days.

Stretch Poplin. Vesti shirts are 95% cotton and 5% spandex for superior stretch and comfort.

Slim Cut. Not too tight, not too loose. A slimmer cut for the modern man.

Contrast Pima Inside cuff, gives you comfort and flair around the wrist.

Cuff Retention Straps make it easy to pull off that casual rolled up sleeves look.

What it means to golf like a gentlemen.

The game of golf used to be a gentleman’s game. Style and class were displayed not only in character, but also in apparel. Vesti Ascendi is all about bringing back the classiest of golf apparel, yet making it comfortable for everyone to wear.

Neon colored shirts and flashy pants are fun and eye catching for the weekend golfer, but is that what you want to be wearing if you’re trying to land that promotion or impress a client on the course? As you’re gazing out the window on a beautiful sunny morning at the office you know you could take a two hour lunch break and sneak in nine holes if only you didn’t have to run home to change clothes. Vesti Ascendi is your solution. Vesti Ascendi is a line of clothing appropriate for the office, for church, for any formal setting; but yet newly designed with innovative stretch materials to allow for the freedom of movement needed for the golfer. Vesti Ascendi is class, comfort and convenience. #GolfLikeAGentleman

Product Specifications

Everything is custom done for our shirts:

Shirt Sizes

Manufacturing Plan

Vesti Ascendi shirts are uniquely designed for on course comfort and off course formal style. Our shirts are made at the source of the highest quality Peruvian cotton fabrics. Our factory is in Lima, Peru; the home of our Pima cotton and our high quality stretch poplin cotton.

The Vesti Ascendi Promise

About Vesti Ascendi Golf Apparel

Golf apparel used to have so much style and class. Over the decades that style faded into one version or another of the short sleeve golf polo. While every company puts their spin on this basic shirt by using different colors or fabrics, they all look more or less the same. None of them have that oldschool gentleman’s look. Vesti Ascendi is about to change all that. Our goal is to bring back the traditional looks found in vintage photos of the founding fathers of golf. The gentleman’s style will be the driving force behind Vesti Ascendi, but equally important will be comfort. Many of those original golf styles were rather uncomfortable, but using modern fabrics and innovative cuts, the classic look will be reborn.


What is Pima Cotton?

Pima Cotton is the softest 100% cotton material made in Lima, Peru. We are using the softest material where you want it most, around your neck and by your wrists. The contrast color also gives the shirt just a little hidden flare.

Are Vesti Ascendi shirts only for golfing?

No, you can wear our shirts under a suit, all by itself, with jeans, un-tucked, or tie-less off the course. No one will know that it is also a golf shirt; you can not distinguish it from a regular dress shirt, yet if you want, you can play golf in it.

What does Vesti Ascendi mean?

Vesti Ascendi is Latin for "dress up" or "suit up". We believe that gentlemen should look great on or off the course. Wearing a shirt and tie is one way to look good for any occasion.

Can you really golf in Vesti Ascendi shirts and ties?

Yes, they are designed for golfers, by golfers. The shirt cut, stretch fabric and tie rail allow you to swing unimpeded for ripping drivers, hitting irons and putting for birdie.

Can you mix and match shirts and ties?

Not at this time. Each shirt and tie was designed as a unit. The color palette of our 1st Tee Jitters and Mulligan shirts and ties do match, so if you purchase both, they can be interchanged.

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Produced by Vesti Ascendi Golf Apparel in St. Paul, Minnesota .

Sold and shipped by Crowd Supply.

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Vesti Ascendi Baseball Hat

Our Limited Edition baseball cap, available in sizes S/M and L/XL. Limited to the first 10 backers.

$30 $8 US Shipping / Not Available Outside US

Vesti Ascendi Driver Hat

Channel your golf game with this vintage style driver hat. One size fits all. Limited to the first 5 backers.

$30 $8 US Shipping / Not Available Outside US

The Mulligan Shirt

The Mulligan is a baby blue shirt with soft grey lining the collar and cuffs.The Mulligan tie is a plaid black, blue, grey and white. Comes ready to hang with a custom branded wood hangar and **will retail at $150!** Available in six sizes.

$130 $8 US Shipping / Not Available Outside US

The Foursome Shirt

The FourSome is a cool grey shirt with lime green collar and cuffs. The FourSome tie is black and silver paisley with lime green dots. Comes ready to hang with a custom branded wood hangar and **will retail at $150!** Available in six sizes.

$130 $8 US Shipping / Not Available Outside US

The Par 3 Package

All three shirts and tie combos. Comes ready to hang with a custom branded wood hangars and **will retail at $400!** Limited to the first 2 backers.

$350 $8 US Shipping / Not Available Outside US

The First Tee Jitters Shirt

1st Tee Jitters is a Pure White shirt with Baby Blue lining the collar and cuffs. The 1st Tee jitters tie is a baby blue, white and navy blue stripe. Comes ready to hang with a custom branded wood hangar and **will retail at $150!** Available in six sizes.

$130 $8 US Shipping / Not Available Outside US

About the Team

Vesti Ascendi Golf Apparel

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Vesti Ascendi is all about bringing back the classiest of golf apparel, yet making it comfortable for everyone to wear.

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