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ANAVI Technology
Microcontroller Boards

ANAVI Miracle Controller

An ESP8266-powered, open source, Wi-Fi dev board to control two 5 V or two 12 V LED strips

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Funding ended on Feb 05, 2020 at 03:59 PM PST.

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ANAVI Miracle Controller is an open source hardware Wi-Fi development board powered by the ESP8266 and designed to control two 5 V and 12 V addressable LED strips simultaneously. It supports popular LEDs including Neopixel, WS2811, WS2812B, TM1809, etc. It also has a dedicated slot for a mini OLED I²C display and slots for up to three additional I²C sensor modules. Furthermore, there are UART pins for easy flashing of custom software and an extra GPIO for connecting external peripherals. All these features make ANAVI Miracle Controller appropriate for developers, makers, students, and open source enthusiasts interested in home automation.

ANAVI Miracle Controller is fully compliant with Arduino IDE, PlatformIO, the popular open source home automation software tools, as well as with Home Assistant and OpenHAB via the lightweight messaging protocol MQTT. With ANAVI Miracle Controller, developers can focus on the software by easily building and flashing their own versions of the source code. Tech savvy users can easily integrate ANAVI Miracle Controller in their existing open source home automation platforms.

Quick Setup, No Soldering Required

Getting started with ANAVI Miracle Controller is easy. No soldering is required. It supports 5 V or 12 V input voltages. To turn on the board, set the pin to 5 V or 12 V and plug appropriate power supply in to the standard 2.1x5.5 mm DC barrel jack. Right out of the box, it works with Home Assistant.

All addressable LED strips currently supported by the popular FastLED Arduino library (with three wires) are supported by ANAVI Miracle Controller, including WS2812, WS2812b, WS2811, and TM1804. To prevent spikes, a 300 to 500 Ohm choke resistor might be required at the data wire. Some LED strips, including those provided with our kits, already have this resistor built-in.

470 Ohm Choke Resistor Included

Strips provided in ANAVI Miracle Controller kits are WS2812B strips with ten LEDs each, appropriate connectors, and built-in 470 Ohm choke resistor!

Fun and Accessible At All Skill Levels

ANAVI Miracle Controller is fun and easy to use. You don’t need to be a tech whiz. You can assemble it with your bare hands and a screwdriver to mount the addressable LED strips. Whether you’re new to addressable LED strips or an experienced engineer, ANAVI Miracle Controller is a great choice for most projects.

ANAVI Miracle Controller can also serve as a convenient development board for various home automation systems with addressable LED strips. It’s suitable for anyone passionate about the Internet of Things (IoT), coding, and open source.

ANAVI Miracle Controller is useful for:

Certified Open Source

ANAVI Miracle Controller is an entirely open source project that combines open source hardware with free and open source software. It has been certified by the Open Source Hardware Association under UID BG000050.

The free and open source software tools KiCAD and OpenSCAD were used to design ANAVI Miracle Controller and its acrylic enclosure. Source code and schematics are available at GitHub. All units will be manufactured in Plovdiv, Bulgaria.

Features & Specifications

Sensors and Peripherals

Out of the box, ANAVI Miracle Controller supports the following sensors and peripherals:

You can also attach any other I²C sensor modules, but you will have to take care of their software integration.

What Comes In A Kit?

ANAVI Miracle ControllerStarter KitAdvanced KitDeveloper KitFamily Kit
ANAVI Miracle ControllerYes Yes Yes Yes Yes (x4)
2x WS2812B LED stripsNo Yes Yes Yes Yes (x4)
USB-to-serial debug cableNo Yes Yes Yes Yes (x4)
0.96" OLED displayNo No Yes Yes Yes (x4)
Acrylic enclosureNo No Yes Yes Yes (x4)
Light sensor (BH1750)No No Yes Yes Yes (x4)
Gesture and color recognition sensor (APDS-9960)No No No Yes Yes
Temperature and barometric pressure sensor (BMP180)No No No Yes Yes


There is a huge variety of LED strips and literally hundreds of projects and development boards for controlling them. Unlike the rest, ANAVI Miracle Controller is entirely open source and and doesn’t require a breadboard or soldering iron to get started. The main advantage of ANAVI Miracle Controller are the slots, the I²C peripherals, and support for two simultaneously addressable LED strips.

More than a year ago we created ANAVI Light Controller for simple and cheap 12 V non-addressable LED strips. These LED strips are excellent solutions for indoor lightning, however for colorful light decorations and animations addressable LED strips are required. Now, due to the high demand in the community for an entirely open source solution that allows easy control of 12 V and 5 V addressable LED strips, we were inspired to create ANAVI Miracle Controller.

Stretch Goals

Our crowdfunding campaign has a very modest goal of just $1, but if we raise:

Support & Documentation

We provide a comprehensive user’s manual with exact steps for using all the features of ANAVI Miracle Controller. Over time, we will post frequent updates to the user’s manual and articles with ideas for using ANAVI Miracle Controller in hobby projects by makers. The ANAVI Miracle Controller is joining the well-documented and established ANAVI family, so there are lots of resources available.

ANAVI Miracle Controller is an entirely open source project, the source code and the schematics are available at our GitHub repositories. Please have a look at the following links:

If you have a question about ordering, paying, or shipping, please refer to The Crowd Supply Guide.

Manufacturing Plan

To ensure consistent high quality, all printed circuit boards (PCBs) for ANAVI Miracle Controller will be manufactured and assembled at a local factory in Plovdiv, Bulgaria, EU. The PCBs will have a gold surface finish. The fabrication process includes a procedure called panelization, which groups together a number of PCBs on a larger board called a "panel". After that, components will be mounted on each board. All boards will be carefully manually flashed with open source software (already available on GitHub), tested, and packaged in individual cardboard boxes.

Risks & Challenges

ANAVI Miracle Controller is a certified open source hardware product. We have already manufactured a small-run batch to ensure that everything works correctly. Although this significantly reduces any risks, mass production still depends on factories and suppliers. Availability of parts can also be an issue. In order to provide ANAVI Miracle Controller at the best price, we are working with reliable suppliers and a trusted local factory in Plovdiv, Bulgaria.

We have experience successfully delivering projects on time, and even ahead of schedule, from our previous crowdfunding campaigns for ANAVI Thermometer, ANAVI Gas Detector, ANAVI Infrared pHAT, ANAVI Light Controller, and many more. We are confident that we can again arrange successful mass production on time. However, if any delays occur, backers will be notified promptly through regular updates.

Fulfillment & Logistics

At the end of the crowdfunding campaign, orders will be shipped by Crowd Supply. For more details, please explore Crowd Supply ordering, paying, and shipping guide. After that period, products will continue to be available at Crowd Supply and from our distributors.

In the Press

Hackster News

"What if you want a dedicated board that controls LEDs over WiFi, and has a simple I2C sensor interface? The ANAVI Miracle Controller provides just that, and uses an ESP8266 module to simultaneously drive two 5V or 12V LED strips."


"Pensada para controlar tiras de luces de 5 y 12 V, esta placa de desarrollo Wi-Fi para soluciones LED facilita empezar rápidamente a trabajar."

CNX Software

"The board can be programmed with the Arduino IDE or PlatformIO, and supports Home Assistant, OpenHAB 2, and MQTT protocol."


"Lights, WiFi, and programmability make a great combination....The ANAVI Miracle Controller brings these three things into one board."

Produced by ANAVI Technology in Plovdiv, Bulgaria.

Sold and shipped by Crowd Supply.

ANAVI Miracle Controller

Open source hardware Wi-Fi development board for controlling addressable LED strips. Includes one ANAVI Miracle Controller.

$25 $8 US Shipping / $18 Worldwide

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Starter Kit

The perfect kit for getting started. Includes one ANAVI Miracle Controller, two addressable 5 V WS2812B LED strips with 10 LEDs each, and one USB-to-serial debug cable.

$39 $8 US Shipping / $18 Worldwide

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Advanced Kit

Includes one ANAVI Miracle Controller, two addressable 5 V WS2812B LED strips with 10 LEDs each, one acrylic enclosure, one 0.96" OLED Display, one USB-to-serial debug cable, and one light sensor module.

$49 $8 US Shipping / $18 Worldwide

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Developer Kit

Everything a developer needs! Includes one ANAVI Miracle Controller, two addressable WS2812B LED strips with 10 LEDs each, one acrylic enclosure, one 0.96" OLED Display, one USB-to-serial debug cable, and one of each sensor module: light, gestures & color recognition, temperature, and barometric pressure.

$59 $8 US Shipping / $18 Worldwide

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Family Kit

The ultimate solution includes 1 Developer and 3 Advanced Kits.

$179 $8 US Shipping / $18 Worldwide

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ANAVI Technology

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