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An open source, high-speed camera development board targeting SLVS-EC and MIPI sensors on Xilinx's Kria SOM architecture

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Aper-Oculus is a carrier board for Xilinx’s Kria SOM, focused on delivering a compact and modular solution for makers and professionals targeting high-speed digital design. The board has a plethora of I/O, including FMC, MIPI, and an SLVS-EC connector compatible with FRAMOS’s FSA/FSM architecture. It will be accompanied with example designs and encrypted IP for the SLVS-EC sensors so developers can focus on vision algorithms instead of connectivity.

Aper-Oculus is for professionals, makers, and academics who desire a feature rich and highly configurable hardware platform targeting high-speed camera designs. It will be handy to be familiar with Verilog and embedded engineering, while wishing to acquire more advanced skill sets. It is a board perfect for a variety of applications, including Machine Vision Designs with high-speed camera connectivity like CoaXPress, SDI, or Ethernet (must use appropriate FMC card), or even drone design.

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Aper-Oculus is part of AMD FPGA Playground

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"Utilize the AMD-Xilinx Kria K26 SoM for high-speed camera applications with the new Aper-Oculus carrier board."

About the Team

ApotheoTech LLC

Orlando, FL, USA  ·  ApotheoTech  ·

We create open hardware platforms for professionals who want proven hardware to develop on, and for entry-level engineers who wish to bridge the gap to industry standards.

Chance Reimer


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