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An open-source high-speed camera-development board targeting the SLVS-EC & MIPI sensors on AMD's Kria SOM architecture

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Embark on a technological journey with Aper-Oculus, our game-changing carrier board for the AMD Xilinx Kria SOM. Crafted for embedded-vision and edge-AI innovators, Aper-Oculus is the catalyst that will transform your ideas into powerful, efficient, vision-related applications. It stands out from the crowd thanks to high-speed interfaces and a wide array of connectivity options, making it an indispensable tool for developers, engineers, and creators in robotics, automation, and AI.

Empowering High-Speed Vision Applications

Aper-Oculus sets a new standard in vision technology. Built around an SLVS-EC interface, it ensures high-quality, high-speed video input to the FPGA – a critical feature for applications, such as high-speed automation, that demand precision. Aper-Oculus also features MIPI connectivity, which supports additional camera sensors, time-of-flight sensors, and displays.

Connectivity at its Best

Aper-Oculus is a testament to adaptability and scalability in the rapidly evolving world of technology. Its FMC connector offers unparalleled prototyping flexibility by accommodating a multitude of high-speed expansion boards so you can integrate the functionality you need whether you’re developing applications for aerospace, defense, research, or some other cutting-edge domain.

Unmatched Interface Options

With comprehensive interface options—including dual MIPI connectors, DisplayPort, USB 3.0, and SATA I/O—Aper-Oculus meets the diverse demands of AI and robotics. It is well equipped to handle scenarios that require advanced video processing, high-speed data transfer, reliable storage, and more.

Features & Specifications

CoaXPress & GPIO Expansion Boards Available

CXP Dualis FMC is an LPC-FMC board that allows you to prototype both Host and Device solutions for CoaXPress up to CXP 12, which provides support for PoCXP and PoCXP detection. CXP Dualis FMC supports one Host link, to which it provides power over CoaXPress, and one Device link. Sample designs are available to demonstrate its functionality and ease of integration.

VincuLink FMC is an LPC-FMC GPIO-expansion board that allows you to connect M.2 E-Key PCIe cards, RPi HATs, and PMODs to FMC-compatible carrier boards like Aper-Oculus. In addition to an M.2 E-Key connector for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth cards, VincuLink FMC includes a Raspberry Pi HAT GPIO connector for additional interface options.


Aper-OculusAMD KR260AMD KV260AntMicro Kria CarrierInnodisk EXMU-X261
Raspberry Pi HeaderFMC dependent Yes No No No
HDMIFMC dependent No No No No
M.2 E-KeyFMC dependent No No No No
FMC1x - - - -
DisplayPort1x 1x 1x 1x -
USB 3.01x 4x 4x 4x 4x
USB Type-C- - - Yes -
SLVS-EC1x (2 lanes total) 1x (2 lanes total) - - -
MIPI2x (8 lanes total) - 2x (8 lanes total) 2x (8 lanes total) -
BarometerYes - - - -
Accelerometer3 axis - - - -
6G SATAYes - - - -
SD CardYes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Ethernet- 4x (GbE), 1x SFP+ (10 Gb) 1x (GbE) 1x (GbE) 1x (GbE)
PMODs- Yes Yes Yes -
Price$750 $349 $249 Unknown $899

Support & Documentation

All of our published documentation, source code, and design files will be in our GitHub repository. That will includes our:

Manufacturing Plan

Following their successful track record with our prototypes, PCBWay will handle production assembly of Aper-Oculus. They are known for their precision manufacturing of HDI boards and for excellent quality control, both of which align with our commitment to excellence. Aper-Oculus is sponsored by PCBWay and will use components sourced from Mouser Electronics.

Fulfillment & Logistics

After our production run is complete, we will package everything up and send it along to Crowd Supply’s fulfillment partner, Mouser Electronics, who will handle distribution to backers worldwide. You can learn more about Crowd Supply’s fulfillment service under Ordering, Paying, and Shipping in their guide.

Risks & Challenges

We are confident that our team’s extensive experience, combined with contingency plans and buffer periods we’ve put in place, will minimize the impact of unexpected challenges like component shortages and manufacturing delays.

Aper-Oculus is part of AMD FPGA Playground

In the Press

Hackster News

"Utilize the AMD-Xilinx Kria K26 SoM for high-speed camera applications with the new Aper-Oculus carrier board."

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Produced by ApotheoTech LLC in Orlando, FL, USA.

Sold and shipped by Crowd Supply.


A carrier board for the Kria SoM from Xilinx. It is a compact, modular solution for makers and professionals who work in high-speed digital design, and it supports a wide range of I/O options, including FMC, MIPI, and an SLVS-EC connector that's compatible with the FRAMOS FSA/FSM architecture.

$750 Free Worldwide Shipping

CXP Dualis FMC

An LPC-FMC board that allows you to prototype both Host and Device solutions for CoaXPress up to CXP 12, which provides support for PoCXP and PoCXP detection.

$449 Free Worldwide Shipping

VincuLink FMC

An LPC-FMC GPIO-expansion board that allows you to connect M.2 E-Key PCIe cards, RPi HATs, and PMODs to FMC-compatible carrier boards like Aper-Oculus.

$199 Free Worldwide Shipping

Aper-Oculus Heatsink

A heatsink for your Aper-Oculus carrier board. Accommodates two 25-mm, GPIO-controlled fans (sold separately).

$35 Free Worldwide Shipping

AMD Kria™ K26C SOM

From the AMD Kria™ K26 SOM & Kits project.

The AMD Kria K26 SOM offers a customized Zynq UltraScale+ MPSoC, packaged for convenient use with DDR memory, nonvolatile storage options, a security module, and an aluminum thermal heat spreader.

$420 $8 US Shipping / $18 Worldwide

FSM-IMX547C Color Camera Bundle

From the FSM-IMX547 Camera Modules project.

FRAMOS FSM-IMX547C Sensor Module (FSM) bundled with Sensor Adapter (FSA), lens and accessories. Contains a Sony IMX547 color 1/1.8" sensor and 8.5mm f/1.4 C-mount lens.

$531 Free US Shipping / $18 Worldwide

12 VDC 65 W Barrel Jack Wall Mount AC Adapter

From the Crowd Supply Basics project.

12-VDC, 65-W, wall-mount AC adapter with a 1.5-m output lead and a center-positive barrel-jack connector (2.5-mm ID, 5.5-mm OD)

$24 $8 US Shipping / $18 Worldwide

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