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Apr 10, 2014

Stretch Goal Announced!

96 PROUD PLEDGES LATER…and the TB Squeeze Pack is funded! Thank you everyone!

We’re grateful to say the least by all the support you guys have shown over the past month and a half to fund and promote this project. As the summer gets going, the fun is just starting! Mark June on your calendars as the projected release date of our new Squeeze Pack, and shipment of pledge packages to all backers.

Even though the funding goal has been reached, we still have 10 days left to go until the official closing date of April 20. Based on the rapid success of the campaign and the fact that we’ve met our goals with time to spare, we thought we’d step the bar up and shoot for the moon. How cool would it be if come June, the Squeeze Packs were available to retailers in a tear-off display ready box containing 12 individual servings of TB goodness. Picture 12 squeeze packs of Ozark Original neatly packaged at the check-out stand of your favorite outdoor shop or natural foods store…like the icing on the cake of an already successful campaign.

The goal here would be “$10K in 10 days” with the additional funds raised used to help cover the costs of the above mentioned display box. If we can meet this stretch goal, all backers would receive a bonus prize of 3 additional Squeeze Packs of Bogg’s Trail Butter and the peace of mind knowing that you helped create a finished product suitable for the best retail stores out there.

In order for this stretch goal to be met we need your continued help in sharing the word about our campaign. You guys have certainly risen to the call, and we can’t expect more. Rather than an additional pledge, please help us spread the word about the success of the campaign so far and the goals we’ve set for this final 10-day push.

Trail Butter Stretch Goal

Whatever happens, it’s been incredible these past 2 months seeing the response from all of you. We can’t thank you enough for your generosity.

Great to have you on board as this next chapter of TB begins.

Happy Trails,
Jeff, Brad, Jenn & Team

$9,800 raised

of $7,500 goal

No Longer Available

Apr 20 2014

funded on





Product Choices


Angel's Rest

Receive a variety 9-pack of the Trail Butter Squeeze Packs and a Trail Butter sticker.



Receive a 12-pack of the Trail Butter Squeeze Packs and an 8oz jar of Trail Butter in the flavor of your choice.



Receive a variety 12-pack of our new TB squeeze packs, a variety 6-pack of our 4.5oz pouches, resealable for those longer outings and a variety 3-pack of 8oz jars, well-suited for home use.






Pacific Crest

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