An accurate and flexible four-channel temperature sensor for instrumenting electronics

Mar 21, 2019

Project update 6 of 7

Production Progress

I’m pleased to announce that the production batch of SenseTemp and SenseTemp TEC boards have arrived from our assembly house. First article inspection and testing has started, and so far no issues have been found.

SenseTemp Production Unit
SenseTemp TEC Production Unit

Functional changes from the prototype design include:

Every SenseTemp and SenseTemp TEC will be tested over the next few weeks, before shipping out in April.

To do that, we produced a small fixture that allows connection between SenseTemp and a host Feather via pogo-pins. This allows functional testing of the boards without soldering to them, which will enable you to assemble your SenseTemp and Host as you see fit.

SenseTemp Test Fixture

Thanks for your support of this product. We look forward to getting SenseTemp to all of you!

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