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An accurate and flexible four-channel temperature sensor for instrumenting electronics

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Production Progress

I’m pleased to announce that the production batch of SenseTemp and SenseTemp TEC boards have arrived from our assembly house. First article inspection and testing has started, and so far no issues have been found.

SenseTemp Production Unit

SenseTemp TEC Production Unit

Functional changes from the prototype design include:

  • SenseTemp & SenseTemp TEC: Changed from 0.1% to 0.05% rated reference resistors to improve the accuracy of temperature reading.
  • SenseTemp: Support for operating from Li-Poly batteries connected to the Host Feather.
  • SenseTemp TEC: Support for operating from just the 12 V DC power input by feeding regulated 5 V to the Host Feather (instead of it receiving 5 V via USB).
  • SenseTemp TEC: Control of 12 V fan on the TEC header.

Every SenseTemp and SenseTemp TEC will be tested over the next few weeks, before shipping out in April.

To do that, we produced a small fixture that allows connection between SenseTemp and a host Feather via pogo-pins. This allows functional testing of the boards without soldering to them, which will enable you to assemble your SenseTemp and Host as you see fit.

SenseTemp Test Fixture

Thanks for your support of this product. We look forward to getting SenseTemp to all of you!

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Product Choices



Get your own SenseTemp board, fully assembled and tested. Does not include Adafruit Feather or RTD sensor harness.


SenseTemp TEC

Don't settle for measurement alone - start controlling temperature! Get your own SenseTemp TEC board, fully assembled and tested. This board has all the functionality of the SenseTemp board, with the added ability to control a thermo-electric cooler (TEC, a.k.a. Peltier junction) and drive other devices such as a fan. Does not include Adafruit Feather, RTD sensor harness, or thermo-electric cooler.


Capable Robot Components

Capable Robot Components enables rapid development of autonomous robots by providing technological building blocks to system integrators. Right now, integrators have to develop things they would rather purchase because the right robot-first products don't currently exist. CRC provides proven products which are domain-agnostic, but configurable and adaptable to the integrator's market needs. This allows autonomous system developers to spend more time and effort on domain-specific engineering and testing.

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