An accurate and flexible four-channel temperature sensor designed for makers and engineers

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SenseTemp provides four highly accurate and flexible temperature sensors which allow you to understand the operation of your:

  • Mobile robot
  • Embedded system
  • Double pane windows on your house
  • Home brewing operation
  • Or any other system where temperature and thermal conduction is important

It’s designed for quick tests as well as long-duration process monitoring.

It comes with a four-channel temperature sensor harness, a host ESP32 processor PCB, and a carrier PCB with 4 MAX31865 RTD (Resistance Temperature Detector) interface ICs.

SenseTemp is:

  • Small: so that it can be on a mobile system being tested. The RTDs themselves are 2 mm x 4 mm, making them thermally responsive and great for measurement of point heat sources
  • Inexpensive: allowing many points of temperature monitoring
  • Battery Powered: including LiPoly & USB power banks
  • Wireless: to make test setup faster and more flexible
  • Open Software: so that the device can directly feed data into a data logging system of your choice
  • Open Hardware: to enable derivative designs and for easy hacking

Built to Adapt

When investing time and money in test equipment, I want it to be future-proof. If I change the software orchestrating my hardware tests, or the way I archive test logs, I don’t want to be forced to buy new hardware.

This sensor is designed with that future in mind. The ESP32 processor runs MicroPython, which can expose or push data into your logging system of choice – no software adapters or bridges are needed. Right now the firmware supports HTTP (live visualization, CSV, XML, & JSON) and MQTT transports over Wi-Fi. In the future it will support other pub/sub systems like NATS & Redis.


Feature Specification
Sensors 4x Platinum resistance temperature detectors (RTDs)
RTD Accuracy ±0.15°C
Temperature Range -50°C to 260°C
Interface ICs 4x MAX31865 with 4 wire sensing
Form Factor Adafruit Feather
Dimensions 0.9” x 2.4”
Programmable ESP32 processor, running MicroPython
Open Source Schematics, PCB files, source code

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