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At Chess Geeks, we’re driven by a singular purpose: to bring you the Best Chess Set Ever. To make this dream a reality we traveled to the far corners of the earth, examined ancient descriptions of early chess sets, and spent countless hours refining the look and feel of every piece until we were confident we had created the Best Chess Set Ever.

The Best Chess Set Ever features quadruple weight extra heavy extra large chess pieces, elite tournament style silicone chess board, awesome 16-page chess strategy guide, and game box designed specifically for retail stores.

Given the name of this product, it is logical to ask: what makes this chess set the best? There are a number of qualities which place our chess set above the competition. The set’s striking beauty and aesthetic appeal stand out. The pieces are intricately designed and quadruple-weighted in order to suit the tastes of any chess set enthusiast. The set is designed to meet all serious tournament specifications, as far as board size, board material, and piece weight are concerned. There is a Strategy Guide included in the set, to explain all of the things a player at any level, from beginner on up, needs to know in order to play the game. And the Best Chess Set Ever features a durable silicone board and a convenient game box for storage and presentation.

The silicone chess board is particularly useful for players who plan to keep their boards in good shape for a long time. They are easier to care for than vinyl boards, and are resistant to stains. Compared to vinyl boards, silicone boards are also harder to physically damage, and will retain their original shapes easily. Silicone boards are easy to roll up for storage, and do not crease when stored in this way.

The Best Chess Set Ever is designed for chess players of all levels of experience. While it is designed to meet the demands of seasoned chess enthusiasts, the set is also tailored to suit newcomers and first-time chess players.

For serious chess players, this chess set is the complete package. It is regulation size for chess tournaments, and comes with a set of prized quadruple-weighted pieces. These pieces are the best on the market for competitive players, as they stand firmly in place when set down, are more durable than lighter pieces, and are aesthetically pleasing to use and look at.

The set comes with an accompanying 16-page Strategy Guide, which fully and clearly explains all of the rules of chess. The guide also offers some strategic and tactical tips for players interested in improving at the game. The Best Chess Set Ever is thus also well suited to beginning chess players.

Popular opening moves, a part of the 16-page Strategy guide included in every set!

The Best Chess Set Ever comes with its own game box, as well. This is unusual for serious chess sets, as most sets require the purchase of a separate game box or carrying case. With this accompanying game box, owners of the set can easily store their chess set and transport it with them when traveling. The game box also makes it easy to organize the components of the chess set, and to compactly store the pieces and board.

Chess is the world’s most popular board game, and it has been played by people of all ages and all walks of life for centuries. Chess’s appeal can be attributed to many factors. The game is easy to learn how to play, easy to improve at with practice, and so popular that it is always easy to find opponents online and in person. It has been said that the game of chess is a mixture of a sport, an art, and a science — and it is no surprise that many people who are interested in any of those things are drawn to the chess board!

The Best Chess Set Ever offers options for prospective buyers. The set can come in several different forms, depending on the tastes of the individual owner. One can buy the set with either a black or a green silicone board, and with either quadruple-weighted white ivory pieces or quadruple-weighted tan natural pieces.

These are logical and helpful options for chess players of any level! Green and black are generally the most common and popular chess board colors in both casual and tournament chess play. And, while natural chess pieces are standard in chess play in most places, the option of ivory chess pieces will appeal to those who value the artistic touch that the ivory’s look and texture add to the set. Ivory chess pieces are particularly well suited for those who wish to display their boards, at their home, in a chess club, an office, or anywhere else. As mentioned earlier, the quadruple-weighted pieces are a bonus in any event. {chess-set-black-silicon-8-jpg-egdetail}

The Best Chess Set Ever goes for a retail price of \$49.99. This is a bargain deal for any chess set, but especially for the best one on the market! And, as part of a crowd-funded deal, you can purchase the Best Chess Set Ever for just \$35. With a host of great features, ranging from the pieces and board to the game box and Strategy Guide, this chess set is an incredible value.

And the important choices are left to you, the buyer. Whether you play the game of chess as a competitive tournament warrior or as a leisurely, fun-loving amateur, this complete chess set will have the options you want to make the set work for you. It can make a great addition for your next serious tournament, but it can also serve as an elaborate, ivory-decorated centerpiece at a dinner table!

Buy now, and take home the Best Chess Set Ever!

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Produced by Chess Geeks in Portland, OR.

Sold and shipped by Crowd Supply.

Best Chess Set Ever - Green

Tan Natural Color Pieces With Green Chess Board

$35 $8 US Shipping / $18 Worldwide

Best Chess Set Ever - Black

Ivory White Color Pieces With Black Chess Board

$35 $8 US Shipping / $18 Worldwide

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