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Diavelo Zeitgeist Electric Bike

The first electric bike you would actually want to be seen riding.

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Jun 15 2016

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Zeitgeist X: Ultra-lightweight Carbon Fiber Frame

One of the drawbacks of current electric bikes is their weight. The combination of a battery, motor, and traditional components makes for a heavy, clunky bike. The Zeitgeist X avoids these issues with a kevlar reinforced, full carbon frame and fork. The carbon fiber construction makes the bike exceptionally light and strong. At 43.5 pounds, the Zeitgeist X is one of the lightest e-bikes on the market.

Zeitgeist S: Rugged 6061 Aluminum Frame

The Zeitgeist is also available with a hydro-formed 6061 aluminum frame and Suntour front suspension fork. While adding just a little more weight, this allows us to offer a sturdy, utilitarian version of the bike at a lower price point.


Zeitgeist XZeitgeist S
FrameKevlar-lined carbon fiberHydro-formed 6061 aluminum
ForkCarbon fiberSuntour alloy suspension fork
BatteryPanasonic Li-ion 36VPanasonic Li-ion 36V
MotorBafang 36V/500WBafang 36V/500W
Pedal DrivetrainShimano Deore XT 9 speedShimano Deore XT 9 speed
WheelsAlex G6000 36 hole 700c rims, Schwalbe Energizer Plus tireAlex G6000 36 hole 700c rims, Schwalbe Energizer Plus tire
Brakes & LeversTektro Auriga E-Comp hydraulic discTektro Auriga E-Comp hydraulic disc

Comparison Chart

Here’s how the Zeitgeist stacks up compared to its major competitors. No other e-bike offers the same combination of performance and capability.

Stromer ST2Specialized TurboFaraday Porteur SGenZeDiavelo Zeitgeist X Diavelo Zeitgeist S
Price$6999$5999$3500$1499$3999* $2999*
Range60-90 mi25-55 mi20-25 mi20-45 mi30-50** mi 30-50** mi
Frame MaterialAlloyAlloyAlloyAlloyCarbon Fiber Alloy
Power Levels33339 9
Power500 W500 W250 W250 W500 W 500 W
Assist TypePedelecPedelecPedelecThrottlePedelec Pedelec
Weight65 lbs.55 lbs.42 lbs.44 lbs.44 lbs. 50.5 lbs.
*Crowd Supply Early Bird campaign price
**Range will vary with load, terrain, etc.

Add-on accessories

True to our rainy Seattle roots, all Zeitgeist models include rack and fender eyelets so you can customize your bike to fit your commute and your climate. We also offer a Thule rack/basket/pannier package. See below for details.

Go Farther

The Diavelo Zeitgeist has unparalleled range for its weight-to-power ratio. It provides about 30-50 miles per charge.

Integrated & Interchangeable Battery

The Diavelo Zeitgeist uses an elegant, integrated 36V battery that mounts into a special receptacle built into the frame. The battery is fully removable, and weighs 2.4 kg. A 120/240v charger is included.

Drivetrain & Brakes

For pedal power, the Zeitgeist uses Shimano’s reliable Deore XT 9-speed drivetrain for smooth, proven performance and seamless shifting.

The electric drivetrain consists of a 500 watt rear motor coupled to an integrated torque sensor mounted at the cranks. You control and monitor all this power from an integrated, removable control pod mounted into the stem and via a “Tiptronic” style Bluetooth wireless controller.

Stopping power is provided by Tektro’s Auriga E-Comp hydraulic disc brakes and levers. The bike rolls on Alex G6000 double-wall, 36-hole alloy 700c rims and Schwalbe’s proven road slicks with Greenguard for added puncture protection.


The Zeitgeist’s design complements its high-tech performance. Designer Brian Hoehl used an uncomplicated, monochromatic approach to create a bike with an understated, minimalist elegance.

Utility Pack

Thule front and rear racks, combined with rear panniers and a front basket let you use your Zeitgeist to carry moderate loads. Pack a picnic or your gym bag and arrive in style or set out on an urban foraging expedition and easily tote your treasures home.


The Zeitgeist is ready to enter production and will be available to Crowd Supply Early Bird backers by end of July 2016. Thereafter, all orders of the Zeitgeist bike will be filled within 90-120 days of the campaign’s conclusion. This is a world’s first for any bike campaign ever on a crowdfunding site.

Diavelo Zeitgeist bikes ship "mostly assembled", which means you’ll need to install items such as pedals, front wheel, saddle, and handlebars. This can be easily done by anyone using basic tools like an allen wrench or screwdriver. Of course, any bike shop can also do this for you.

Warranty & Service


The Diavelo Zeitgeist bike is covered by a two-year, limited warranty on the frame, fork, battery, motor and other major components. We’ve published the details and fine print in an update.


In the coming months, we will be working to establish a network of service and support centers. In the meantime, any reputable bike shop should be able to provide service and support. The Zeitgeist doesn’t need any service beyond the normal maintenance required for any standard bicycle. We will maintain stock of parts that are unique to the Zeitgeist in order to facilitate repair and warranty needs.



How do I know the bike will fit my height?
We’ve designed our bikes with a “one size fits most” frame that accommodates rider heights ranging from 5’5” to 6’5” (165cm-195cm). For the more technically minded, the frame size is 530mm (20.9 in). If you’re concerned about fit, please contact us to arrange for a test ride at one of the demo events.

What is the maximum weight limit of the bike?
The Zeitgeist has been thoroughly tested for durability and carries a maximum rated load of 375 pounds (170 kg). Since the bike and battery weigh a total of about 44 pounds (20 kg), that leaves an allowance of 331 pounds (150 kg) to cover the rider and all loaded items, such as racks, bags, baskets and any items being carried. We’ve tested the bike with riders that weighed in more than 300 pounds (136 kg) without any issues at all.

How much does the bike weigh?
The Zeitgeist is one of the lightest production electric bikes, if not the lightest. It weighs in at a featherweight 38.6 pounds (17.5 kg) without the battery and 43.8 pounds (19.9 kg) with the battery in place.

Does the bike have a throttle?
No, the Zeitgeist is a pedal assist bike, legal almost everywhere.

Can you tell me more about the carbon fiber frame?
With pleasure! The Zeitgeist frame is designed from advanced carbon fiber nanotubes and is built with a Kevlar inner lining that provides rigidity and structural support. This ensures that the frame can withstand demanding road conditions while providing a comfortable ride and protecting the rider. The frame’s aerodynamic quality and geometry ensure that the rider remains in a comfortable position and that the bike glides through strong winds and up steep hills.

What are the frame, forks and rim made of?
The Zeitgeist frame, fork, handlebar, seat post and stem are all 100% carbon fiber. The rest of the components are manufactured using more conventional materials.

How many gear settings does the bike have?
The Zeitgeist has a Shimano XT 9-speed derailleur system.

Can you tell me more about the electric motor and brakes?
The Zeitgeist includes a powerful 36V 500W rear-hub motor that will power you effortlessly up even steep hills. This motor is very durable and requires little or no maintenance. We’ve paired this motor with Auriga E-comp hydraulic disc brakes for the stopping power you need to feel safe and secure, both in traffic and coming down hills.

What happens if the battery runs out of charge while away from home?
Unlike some other electric bikes on the market, the Zeitgeist can be ridden as a conventional bicycle if the battery is empty or even removed from the bike. Given the extended range of the battery, we don’t expect most people to encounter this situation very often.

How does the battery work?
Our lithium-ion batteries are top of the line, rated over 600-800 charging cycles and covered by a two-year warranty. The battery will charge from flat to 50% charge in about two hours and to 100% charge in about 4 hours.

How long will the battery last before I need a new one?
A new battery is rated to last at least 2 years, but normally it will last much longer. The life and range of the battery decreases at low temperatures, so only use a battery that has been stored at room temperature whenever possible.

Can I remove the battery from the bike?
You bet! Although most people find the Zeitgeist so easy to carry that they never need to remove the battery, you can unlock the battery with a key and slip it out of the frame. We know some riders who live up several flights of stairs and others who prefer to trim the weight of the bike for lifting or hauling.

What are the battery and charger specifications?
The Zeitgeist battery is a 36 volt Lithium Ion system designed for safety, duration and quick charging. The charger is a 20V system (runs on 120/240V mains) that can charge the battery from 0% to 50% in two hours and from 0% to 100% in four hours.

Does the Zeitgeist recharge its battery while I’m pedaling?
No, we’ve decided to not implement either on-the-fly charging or regenerative braking as they would add a lot of cost and weight without any real day-to-day benefit. Although regenerative braking is great for electric cars, it’s much less effective for bikes as there’s not enough moving mass. The high-end disc brakes on the Zeitgeist provide real stopping power and the bike’s efficient charger tops up the battery in no time, so there’s no real need for these features.

Can I buy an extra charger or battery?
You sure can. Although most people will find the riding range of a single battery more than enough, if you’d like a spare to keep charged at home or at the office, or if you want a second battery to carry with you on super long rides, we’ve got you covered. You can order a second battery for \$349 or an extra charger for \$49 (plus shipping and handling, of course).

Is the battery safe?
Safety is our primary concern and you can rest assured that the battery and charger have gone through extensive testing and have passed rigorous international tests.

Can I take my bike on a plane?
You can transport your Zeitgeist just as you would any conventional bicycle and we encourage you to pack it carefully in a hard case. You will need to make special arrangements to ship the battery, however, as the international and domestic regulatory bodies have instituted extremely strict regulations governing air transport of Lithium Ion batteries such as used in the Zeitgeist. We are working on leading edge battery technologies that will be safe and legal for air transport and are excited to bring these to market.


What’s it like to ride the Zeitgeist?
Honesty, the thrill is indescribable and what we know for sure is everyone who takes even a short test ride comes back wearing a huge smile! As you begin to pedal, the motor gently kicks in to match your effort and then amplifies your pedaling power as you speed up or begin to climb, leaving you feeling that hills are being flattened in front of you. Words truly don’t do justice to the experience!

Do I need a license for my Zeitgeist?
No. Our current electric bikes are pedal assist only and no license is required. The Zeitgeist can generally be ridden on bike paths and trails, however, laws vary across jurisdictions and are are subject to change. It is important that review the local laws in the state and city where you intend to ride.

How do I turn the Zeitgeist on and off?
Great question! To turn on the bike, all you do is push one button to enable the battery and a second button to turn on the console. To turn the bike off, you just repeat the same process. Honestly, that’s it!

How fast can I ride on my Zeitgeist?
You can ride as fast as you’re able, though the pedal assist will turn off at 28 mph (45 kph) for safety and legal reasons.

How far can I ride my Zeitgeist on a single charge?
This is a question we get asked a lot and it’s really hard to answer as range depends on the interaction of a range of variables, including the weight of the rider, the terrain being ridden, the amount of manual pedaling, the charge level and age and condition of the battery. We’ve been able to ride as far as 100 miles (160 km) on a charge but this isn’t guaranteed in all cases.

How does this bike handle hills?
The short answer is that Zeitgeist screams up hills – we know, because we’ve done extensive road testing on the infamous hills of Seattle, San Francisco and Vancouver. Your actual performance, of course, will vary based on factors such as weight load, hill incline, manual pedaling input, etc. Even on the steep hills of Queen Anne where we live in Seattle, we usually find we don’t need to set the pedal assist to more than the half power mark to effortlessly climb to the top.

What are the capabilities of the bike’s LCD display?
The LCD display is seamlessly integrated into the stem and easy to read at a glance. In addition to providing real-time information regarding speed, battery level and power assist, it also functions as a theft deterrent. After you securely lock up your bike, just pull the display unit out of its slot (it’s held in place with magnets) and slip it into your pocket. Without the display in place, the pedal-assist is completely disabled.

How do I control the pedal assist levels?
The pedal assist levels are controlled with a handlebar mounted Bluetooth controller that lets you switch up and down across a range of nine power assist levels with ease. As a backup, you can also control these levels with button in the frame underneath the LCD display.

Can I ride the Zeitgeist in the dark?
You can ride the Zeitgeist in any conditions in which you’d ride a conventional bike, including at nighttime. We prioritize safety first and are including a premium Meilan X5 safety laser light free with each order. We’re also researching various front light options and will make one available as soon as we’re happy.

Do I have to worry about someone stealing the battery?
Absolutely not! The Zeitgeist battery is fully integrated into the frame and is secured with a lock and key. Someone would literally have to destroy the frame to get at the battery.

What’s the best way to secure my bike?
We always recommend parking your bike in a secure, well-lit location and using a high quality bicycle lock. The removable LCD display provides an additional level of theft deterrence as it’s required to be in place for the pedal assist function to work.

Will a standard U-lock fit around the frame?
Yes! The sleek design of the Zeitgeist means that you can use the same locks that you’d use on a normal bike, unlike most other electric bikes with their fat frames.

Do I need to wear a helmet?
We believe that riding safety is paramount and we strongly recommend that everyone wear a helmet when they ride any bicycle, even if local regulations or laws don’t require you to do so. We encourage you to ride safely are not responsible for any injuries you may incur while riding.


How much maintenance does a Zeitgeist bike require?
A Zeitgeist electric bike requires the same basic maintenance as a conventional bicycle, which isn’t very much. We recommend that you keep your tires properly inflated, your chain lubricated and periodically check connectors to make sure everything is in running condition. As a general rule, maintenance is recommended every 6-12 months, depending on how much you ride and in what conditions.

How do I get my Zeitgeist serviced?
The good news is that any competent bike service shop will know how to service or repair your Zeitgeist. The better news is that the Zeitgeist is so well designed and built that it shouldn’t require much service! We plan to build out our own “white glove” service network in the near future, but this isn’t in place yet. Please contact us at service@bikester.com in the rare event that you have a serivce issue and we’ll help you out.

How do I clean my Zeitgeist bike?
Most times, water and a gentle sponge will clean up your bike like new. Take care during cleaning that no liquid gets into the battery or other electrical components! Do not clean your Zeitgeist bike in a water bath or with a water spray jet, such as a hose. It is best to use a dry cloth to clean the battery.

Do I need to use special replacement tires or tubes for this bike?
The Zeitgeist ships with high-performance Schwalbe Energizer Plus tires that have been specially designed for electric bikes. We recommend that you make like-for-like tire replacements and never install a conventional bicycle tire.


Do I have to assemble my Zeitgeist?
The Zeitgeist will arrive at your door carefully packed and mostly assembled. You may have to complete simple steps such as installation of the front wheel and pedals and tightening of the handlebars - but nothing that is complicated, requires special tools, or takes a long time.

What colors do you offer?
We are excited to offer the white and black version that you see in the product photos and video during our initial product launch. Please let us know if there’s a particular color that you’d like because, if there is sufficient demand, we can add additional color options.

What does the warranty cover?
Every Zeitgeist bike comes with a 2-year limited warranty that covers your frame, battery, motor and other components, with some exceptions.

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"Zeitgeist wants to be the Warby Parker of electric bikes"

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"Not only is it gorgeous, but it packs in more accessible and clever tech than anything else in its class."

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"...a battery built into the frame, a handlebar-mounted wireless controller, and a rear motor reveal the true nature of this dynamic electric bike."

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"This electric bike is made for Imperial Stormtroopers"

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"Diavelo Zeitgeist is an electric bike, but you wouldn’t know just from looking at it"

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