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A wireless, open source debugging board capable of programming and interacting with a wide range of microcontrollers

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Farpatch is a wireless debugger capable of programming, debugging, and interacting with a wide range of microcontrollers. Powered by the BlackMagic debug software, Farpatch supports inspecting memory, single-stepping code, and adding breakpoints to your project. You don’t need to install any drivers, just join Farpatch to your wireless network or let it run in AP mode if you’re not near an access point.

Farpatch can also draw power from your board. It supports board voltages of 1.8 - 5 V and will adjust itself accordingly.

Quickly Debug a Board

Farpatch works as a standard debugger. If you’ve got an ARM board handy, all you need to do is plug Farpatch in and start debugging. Connect to its access point, or attach to it on your network using gdb. It works with most debuggers, including VSCode and IntelliJ.

Update Hard-to-Reach Devices

Designing a submarine? Or something else that needs to stay sealed up? There are circumstances in which opening up an enclosure just to interact with software is inconvenient and potentially harmful. With Farpatch, you can update code, monitor serial logs, and inspect the contents of running programs—all remotely.

Remote Serial Port

Farpatch includes a serial port that can be useful even when you’re not debugging. Need to monitor the serial output of a device that’s not right next to your computer? Attach Farpatch to the device and connect the serial port, either via TCP, UDP, or WebSockets. You can access the serial output even without running the debugger!

Features & Specifications


FarpatchctxLinkBlack Magic ProbeJ-Link WifiOpenOCD on Raspberry Pi
Manufacturer Foosn Sid Price 1 Bit Squared Segger Raspberry Pi
Core processor ESP32S3 STM32 + WINC1500 GD32F103 N/A ARM Cortex-A
Processor speed240 MHz 84 MHz 108 MHz N/A 900+ MHz
Dimensions45 x 21 x 7 mm 89 mm x 33 mm 40 x 17 x 5 mm 103 x 53 x 28 mm 85.60 × 56.5 mm
Target voltage1.2 - 5.5 1.7 - 5 1.2 - 5.5 1.2 - 5 3.3
Backpower target3.3 V 3.3 V 3.3 V 5 V 5 V or 3.3 V
USBYes Yes Yes Yes No
Wi-FiYes Yes No Yes Yes
UARTYes Yes Yes Yes Yes
BluetoothNot Yet No No No Not Yet
GDB serverYes Yes Yes On host PC Yes
Number of supported targets40 40 40 1000+ 300

Open Source

Farpatch is open and licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International.

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In the Press

Hackster News

"Designed for Arm Cortex-M and Cortex-A boards, this compact add-on is designed to make debugging as painless — and wireless — as possible."

PCBWay Community Blog

"Powered by BlackMagic debug software, Farpatch supports inspecting memory, single-stepping code and adding breakpoints to your project. No drivers required, just add Farpatch to your wireless network. "


"[Farpatch] is a way to remotely debug microcontrollers..."

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Foosn creates unique hardware projects such as Fomu, an FPGA in your USB port.

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