Wireless debug probe for ARM Cortex-M microprocessors

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ctxLink is an open hardware, open firmware debugging probe, based on the Black Magic Probe (BMP), that supports Wi-Fi connectivity and battery powered operation. It implements SWD and JTAG interfaces for remote, cable-free programming and debugging of ARM Cortex-M microcontrollers. It is ideal for debugging mobile projects such as robotic devices and other embedded systems that are not always physically accessible.


  • Usability
    • Open hardware and open source firmware based on the BMP
    • Uses built-in STM32 system bootloader for firmware updates
    • Compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux
  • Debugging
    • Implements SWD and JTAG interfaces
    • Supports a wide range of ARM Cortex targets, including ST, Atmel, Nordic, NXP, and others
    • Includes a built-in GDB Server that can be used with a wide range of Integrated Development Environments (IDEs)
    • Supports a wide range of target voltages (1.7 V to 5 V)
  • Connectivity
    • Supports USB and Wi-Fi connections to the host computer
    • Wi-Fi can be configured using WPS or through http provisioning with a smartphone
  • Power
    • Can be powered from the target (3 V to 5 V targets only)
    • Can be used to power the target (up to 100 mA)
    • Can be powered by an optional LiPo battery
    • Battery can be charged through USB


  • Microcontroller: STM32F401RE
  • Wi-Fi module: Microchip WINC1500
  • Physical: 89 mm x 33 mm, 4-layer PCB

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