Wi-Fi Stepper

by Good Robotics

Control any stepper motor using Wi-Fi

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Campaign Ending Soon

The Wi-Fi Stepper campaign is ending soon. Thank you to all the backers for making this successful! If you’re not a backer yet, it’s not too late. After the campaign, we’ll still be taking pre-orders, although there might be a price increase.

A quick update on the progress we’ve made. In our last update, we detailed the (hopefully) final layout for the Rev D production board. Prototypes of that design have been manufactured and are scheduled to be delivered on Thursday (slight delay due to the Chinese new year).

We’re going to verify the new software on that board and run the battery of tests we’ve developed so far to really validate the design prior to production. If all checks out, we’ll submit the design with PCBWay to get it mass produced.

Throughout the campaign, we’ve been working with our partners on the logistics critical components. The four key components we’re focusing are the powerSTEP01, ESP wroom module, NEMA 17 Stepper Motor, and Power Supply (the motor and power supply are part of the Quickstart Kit). At this point, it looks like the powerSTEP01 is going to be the only tricky component to source (knock-on-wood). We do have an order with the manufacturer (ST) for a full tray, however the lead time for this may push us into late March/early April.

Even if that is the case, we will hopefully still be able to meet our April 20 target for delivery. We will post and update when the timeframe is more fleshed out.

Please make sure to update your shipping address if needed.

Thank you all for your support!

Good Robotics Team

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Product Choices


Wi-Fi Stepper Quickstart Kit

Includes the Wi-Fi Stepper board, NEMA 17 stepper motor, and 24 V power supply packages. Everything you need to get started.


Wi-Fi Stepper - Board Only

A Wi-Fi Stepper board to control small and large stepper motors.


Good Robotics

Good Robotics develops hardware and embedded software for robotics and control applications. Our focus is on adapting professional-level platforms and techniques for a wider range of users such as makers/hobbiests. We have experts in electrical engineering, embedded systems, mechanical engineering, and sensor fusion/controls.

Andrew Klofas

Electronics Engineer and Embedded Systems Developer

Ace Shelander

Mechanical Engineer

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Senior Electronics Engineer

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