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Mar 10, 2017

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snickerdoodles for sale, new release, cookieJar update

Attention snickerdoodlers!

We have some exciting news…

First – You asked, we answered: snickerdoodle (now “snickerdoodle one”) is officially available for purchase again!

Second – We’re pleased to introduce a new member of the snickerdoodle family: snickerdoodle prime (and a “limited edition” version, snickerdoodle prime LE, that is IN STOCK AT CROWD SUPPLY until we run out!)!

Third - As mentioned in the previous update, snickerdoodles are now shipping to backers! Some of you have already received your orders and Crowd Supply will be shipping more boards next week. The only way to definitively know when your order will ship is via a shipping confirmation email from Crowd Supply. Despite being in regular production, it will take several batches before all current orders are filled. We’ll post regular updates as we progress. You can always check your order status and/or the contents of your order via your Crowd Supply account.

The table below gives an overview of the new lineup.

snickerdoodle onesnickerdoodle prime LEsnickerdoodle primesnickerdoodle black
Processor667MHz Dual-Core ARM Cortex-A9667MHz Dual-Core ARM Cortex-A9667MHz Dual-Core ARM Cortex-A9866MHZ Dual-Core ARM Cortex-A9

FPGA | 28K Logic Cells, 430K ASIC Gates | 85K Logic Cells, 1.3M ASIC Gates | 85K Logic Cells, 1.3M ASIC Gates | 85K Logic Cells, 1.3M ASIC Gates | | RAM | 512MG LPDDR2 | 512MG LPDDR2 | 512MG LPDDR2 | 1GB LPDDR2 | | Wi-Fi | 2.4GHz 802.11n SISO | 2.4GHz 802.11n SISO | 2.4GHz 802.11n SISO | 2.4 & 5GHz 802.11n 2x2 MIMO | | Bluetooth | - | - | Classic + BLE | Classic + BLE | | Heat Sink | - | Included | Included | Included | |SDSoC | - | - | - | Included |

*Note: Only 75 snickerdoodle prime LE units are available right now (13 connectors up, 62 connectors down) and will ship within two business days of an order being placed.*

We’ve received a lot of requests to expand on the range of capabilities, availability, and price tiers of the snickerdoodle product line and arrived at something we believe provides the most flexible and affordable basis for a sustainable product line going forward. Read on for additional details and background..

snickerdoodle one

snickerdoodle was originally launched at a $55-75 price point (+ US shipping) in hopes of garnering outsized interest from the developer community, thus resulting in volumes that would allow us to justify the R&D, inventory, and manufacturing investments associated with driving down component and build costs. Unfortunately, to date, this has not happened…and with the only other being ‘kill the product entirely,’ we had no choice but to raise the price to a sustainable level that allows us to continue making this kind of technology as affordable as possible.

On the upside, the \$95 price includes US shipping there is no longer be a surcharge for changing your connector configuration, international shipping is now only \$10 instead of \$20.

Our goal is and continues to be democratizing advanced technology by way of accessibility and usability and we remain steadfastly committed to that goal.

snickerdoodle prime

After receiving countless requests for something “in between” the original snickerdoodle and snickerdoodle black, we arrived at snickerdoodle prime. This is an ideal fit for anyone looking for more programmable logic but doesn’t necessarily need the snickerdoodle black’s faster processor and fabric, extra RAM, or 5 GHz Wi-Fi.

With our main priority being the timely fulfillment of existing pre-orders, key component availability (namely the Zynq SoC, DDR, and radio) has limited our manufacturing throughput on some of the other versions of snickerdoodle. snickerdoodle prime, fortunately, doesn’t have any component availability problems…and manufacturing snickerdoodle prime in the interim allows us to maintain our place in the assembly queue and keep the manufacturing line up with our contract manufacturer, which will actually help speed up production of the other versions once those parts arrive.

Rest assured, the availability of snickerdoodle prime in no way affects how quickly existing preorders will be fulfilled.

Note: as for existing preorders, the next 500 units are ready to go save for a single part; once this part is received, the build will commence and another batch of boards will be delivered to Crowd Supply, which will ship them out shortly thereafter.

snickerdoodle prime LE

snickerdoodle prime Limited Edition is exactly the same as snickerdoodle prime with one important difference: LE is Wi-Fi only and does not have Bluetooth.

Again, there are only 75 in stock as of the time of this writing. If still in stock when ordered, they will ship within two business days.

snickerdoodle black

No changes and still includes a free license of SDSoC!


For those who pre-ordered a cookieJar enclosure, you’ll be happy to learn that we will be able to deliver cookiJars to everyone and you will not be charged an upgrade fee! If your upgrade was already processed, the fee will be refunded to you and you will still receive a cookieJar.

We expect to have cookieJar first articles in this coming week; we’ll post some pictures on our Twitter feed (@krtkl_inc) the day they come in.

As an aside, you can always check your order status and/or the contents of your order via your Crowd Supply account.

In closing

Finally, we’ll be moving the forum, downloads, documentation, and all the other goodies over to our new website in the coming weeks. This shouldn’t cause any kind of disruption (as we’ll be retaining all previous posts, etc.), but just a heads up.

In summary, there is an awful lot going on…but boards are flowing out the door as we speak and yours shouldn’t be too far behind!

As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to post something in the forum or email us at and we’ll get back to you as quickly as we can.

Now get out there and build something,

the krtkl crew

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