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Jun 13, 2017

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Special Offer on LimeSDR-compatible Computer

As a token of appreciation to our early LimeSDR backers, we’re making available for a limited time the bare (i.e., without integrated LimeSDR) version of the LimeNET Mini computer at a $400 discount off its standard campaign price. This offer is only available to backers of the LimeSDR USB boards (Type-A, micro Type-B, Aluminum Kit, and respective early birds) who ordered before the launch of the LimeNET campaign (before May 23, 2017). You can take advantage of this discount by entering your original LimeSDR order number in the comments field of your order for a LimeNET Mini. This discount is available for the next month, until July 13, 2017. See the LimeNET project page for more details. Thank you for your support!

LimeNET Mini

What is LimeNET Mini?

LimeNET Mini is a powerful mini PC that we’ve pre-qualified to work with LimeSDR in conjunction with the Ubuntu app stores we’ve set up to allow seamless download, distribution, and (optionally) sale of LimeSDR apps. Having pre-qualified hardware means we can be fully confident that LimeSDR apps that work on one setup will work on another.

What Else Does LimeNET Offer?

LimeNET Mini is only one of several pre-qualified hardware platforms specifically chosen to work with the LimeSDR platform. There is also a more powerful enterprise version and a fully-loaded cellular base station. In addition, LimeNET introduces a new member of the LimeSDR family of boards: the LimeSDR QPCIe. Check out the LimeNET project page for more details.

LimeNET Base Station

LimeSDR Shipping Status

Just today, the Crowd Supply warehouse received another batch of LimeSDR USB micro Type-B boards, which will be (just) enough to fulfill all such orders placed before today. For orders of LimeSDR USB micro Type-B boards placed today or later, the next batch is expected to ship by July 20, 2017. For LimeSDR USB Type-A boards, we’re about 100 short of being able to fulfill all current orders - those last 100 plus any ordered today or later will ship in the July 20th batch. A new batch of LimeSDR PCIe boards and Aluminum Kits are on their way to the Crowd Supply warehouse, but we’ll need to include more in the July 20th shipments to fill all current orders.

In short, if you don’t receive a shipping confirmation email with a tracking number from Crowd Supply this week, then we expect your order to ship in the July 20th batch. You can find out more about shipping details in The Crowd Supply Guide. To check the status of your order, please log in to your Crowd Supply account.

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