Maya Posch

Debounce HAT

A six-channel, fully isolated and debounced input HAT for Raspberry Pi

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The Debounce HAT provides six channels of opto-isolated, debounced digital inputs to a Raspberry Pi-compatible single board computer (SBC). All inputs accept 3 - 24V with arbitrary polarity and can alternatively be connected to open-collector outputs or mechanical switches leveraging the on-board isolated 5V supply.

Debounce HAT render; bottom, v1.2

Compatible with a Range of Systems

The Debounce HAT is intended to be used with Raspberry Pi systems, but it can also be used with compatible systems as well as in other configurations (including stand-alone, ignoring the HAT functionality).

Surge Protection

If you’re looking to interface a Raspberry Pi system (or compatible) with external inputs like switches, relays and similar, while preventing any potential issues due to electrical surges on these inputs - this is the HAT for you. In addition, the Debounce HAT fully debounces any inputs and eliminates the need for any debounce software routines.


Electrical Specifications:

Mechanical Specifications:

Typical Applications:



Debounce HAT was born out of necessity. We were implementing a switch detection circuit to determine the state of a door lock etc. in a room. This required a debounce circuit, but the prototype showed the need for a fully opto-isolated circuit to protect against ESD. During winter time, a static charge could be transferred via the metal door handle by a person touching it courtesy of walking on carpet.

We realized that this generally useful input protection and debounce board did not exist in HAT version, so we developed Debounce HAT into this 6-channel version in the hope that others may find it useful as well.

In the Press

Hackster News

"With six inputs, isolated as three pairs, the Debounce HAT aims to make switch bounce problems a thing of the past."

About the Team

Maya Posch

Karlsruhe  ·

A software engineer by trade and self-professed electronics, robotics and AI nut, I run my own software development company ('Nyanko') together with my good friend Trevor Purdy, where I work on various game development projects and also some non-game projects. Next to this I do various (freelance) jobs for companies around the globe and am working on a new R&D technology start-up called Nyantronics.

Maya Posch

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