Software Defined Radio

AntSDR E200

A powerful, versatile, FPGA-based software-defined radio based on the ZYNQ and AD936x chipsets

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AntSDR E200 is a powerful and versatile software-defined radio (SDR) platform. It is a low-cost, easy-to-use system for developing, testing, and deploying wireless communication solutions such as LTE, GSM, and Wi-Fi. With its wide range of supported frequencies and modulation schemes, it’s possible to easily experiment with various wireless technologies.

AntSDR E200 is well suited for hobby and educational purposes, allowing students and enthusiasts to learn about digital signal processing, wireless communication, and software-defined radio.

AntSDR E200 can be used for a wide range of applications, such as radio frequency experimentation, wireless communication, radio astronomy, and spectrum monitoring. It is well suited for prototyping and testing new wireless communication systems and protocols. Additionally, AntSDR E200 can be used as a software-defined LTE station and for developing cognitive radio applications.

AntSDR E200 Demo

Features & Specifications


AntSDR E200 AD9363AntSDR E200 AD9361RTL-SDRPlutoSDREttus B205mini
Chipset AD9363 AD9361 RTL2832U AD9363 AD9364
Frequency Range 325 MHz - 3.8 GHz 70 MHz - 6 GHz 500 KHz - 1766 MHz 325 MHz - 3.8 GHz 70 MHz - 6 GHz
Interface Gigabit Ethernet Gigabit Ethernet USB 2.0 USB 2.0 USB 3.0
EmbeddedYes Yes No Yes No
RF Bandwidth20 MHz 56 MHz 3.2 MHz 20 MHz 61.44 MHz
Sample Depth12 bits 12 bits 8 bits 12 bits 12 bits
Sample Rate61.44 MSPS 61.44 MSPS 3.2 MSPS 61.44 MSPS 61.44 MSPS
Transmitter Channels2 2 0 2 1
Receivers2 2 1 2 1
DuplexFull Full No Full Full
Programmable Logic Gates85k 85k N/A 28k 150k
Open SourceSchematic & firmware Schematic & firmware No Full Schematic & firmware
Oscillator Precision+/-2 ppm +/-2 ppm +/-1 ppm +/-20 ppm +/-2 ppm
Transmit PowerUp to 10 dBm (depending on frequency) Up to 10 dBm (depending on frequency) N/A Up to 6 dBm (depending on frequency) 10 dBm+
PriceTBD TBD $30 $230 $1,387

Open Source

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AntSDR E200 is part of AMD FPGA Playground!

In the Press


"The E200... handles the open source SDR 4G/5G software suite from Software Radio Systems really well in both the UE and basestation roles. "


"The design... is very similar to the PlutoSDR and Errus B205 mini, and in fact the developer has ported firmware from PlutoSDR and the Ettus UHD that allows the device to work just like those devices."

Tech Minds

"AntSDR... can be thought of as a and an Errus B205 all in the same box."

About the Team

MicroPhase Technology

Shanghai, China  ·  MicroPhase_CN  ·  microphase  ·

MicroPhase develops FPGA development Platforms, SoMs and Software Define Radio Platforms for engineering teams, scientists and system integrators for algorithm development, prototyping and developing wireless technologies across a wide variety of applications.

Aero Zhang

Chao Jiang


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