Sep 01, 2017

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"Music is the pleasure the human mind experiences from counting without being aware that it is counting." — Gottfried Leibniz

New: NanoEVB & PicoEVB

NanoEVB and PicoEVB are affordable, open source, Xilinx Artix 7 FPGA dev kits that fit in your laptop’s M.2 (NGFF) slot. Perfect for FPGA and PCIe development on the go!

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New: Tiny-PAT

Tiny-PAT is a small, open USB-C power adapter tester. Whether you’re developing a USB-C power adapter or simply checking the quality of one, Tiny-PAT is the inexpensive, portable tool you need.

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Updates: Signet

The Signet project just posted source code and video demos showing the hardware password manager in action. KeePass integration is on its way as well.

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In Stock: Paperino

After successful delivery of crowdfunding pledges and pre-orders, the Paperiono e-paper shield for Arduino and Particle is now stocked and ready to go. Grab yours while supplies last.

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In Stock: Re:load Pro

The Re:load Pro acts as a current sink, always drawing the same amount of current regardless of the voltage across it. A great addition to any workbench. Back in stock by popular demand.

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