Aug 29, 2018

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"Almost all creativity involves purposeful play." — Abraham Maslow

New: Retro-uC

Retro-uC is an open silicon microcontroller with three vintage cores: Z80 (TRS-80, ZX Spectrum), MOS6502 (Apple I/II), and M68K (Amiga, Atari ST). It’s perfect for retro projects and open source lovers. Help start the open silicon revolution.

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New: Skoobot

Skoobot is a tiny robot for games, exploration, and programming. Packed with a BLE-capable, 32-bit processor, microphone, buzzer, and distance sensor, it will be hard to resist your new robot overlords.

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In-stock: BeagleWire Deluxe Kits

Intended to get you going quickly with the iCE40 FPGA, the BeagleWire Deluxe Kit includes the open source BeagleWire cape, BeagleBone Black, and pre-flashed microSD card. All the tools you need to be an open iCE champion.

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Coming Soon: StereoPi

A stereoscopic camera + Raspberry Pi computing makes the open hardware StereoPi an excellent tool for computer vision learners, as well as drone and robot builders.

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Coming Soon: CCPROG PAT

A powerful USB C power adapter validator, tester, and debugger, CCPROG PAT provides a simple GUI with all the power adapter info you need for fast, easy, and custom adapter testing.

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In-stock: moRFeus

The moRFeus is in stock and ready to ship. Who needs a red pill when you have a 30 MHz to 6 GHz field-configurable Fractional-N wideband frequency converter and signal generator?

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