Sep 12, 2018

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"Art and science have so much in common - the process of trial and error, finding something new and innovative, and to experiment and succeed in a breakthrough." — Peter M. Brant

New: Sensything

Sensything is an open source platform for acquiring high-resolution (24-bit) sensor data and streaming it over Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or USB. Powered with an onboard rechargeable battery or via USB, Sensything is ready to sense… anything.

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Coming Soon: wESP32

The wESP32 is an ESP32-based board with up to 90 Mbits/s of wired Ethernet connectivity and up to 13 Watts of power over Ethernet (PoE). With wESP32, you can quickly create zero-setup, single-wire-install connected devices. Put the wire back in wireless!

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Coming Soon: UP AI CORE X

The UP AI CORE X is a neural network accelerator for AI in edge applications. It can sustain up to four trillion ops/sec with just a few watts of power, and is available in mPCIe, M.2 2230, M.2 2242, and M.2 2280 form factors.

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Coming Soon: Airpup

Airpup is a small kite balloon that can stay airborne for days, offering new possibilities in videography, communications, and meteorology. Airpup can safely and legally fly where drones can’t - city parks, national parks, above the 400’ limit - no registration required.

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In-stock: FE310 ICs - RISC-V Microcontroller

The Freedom E310 (FE310) is the first member of the Freedom Everywhere family of RISC-V-based SoCs by SiFive. Running at 320+ MHz, the 32-bit FE310 is among the fastest microcontrollers on the market.

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In-stock: RemoteBoot

RemoteBoot is a hardware remote management console for monitoring the current power state and activity of a desktop computer and physically turning the computer on or off via a web interface from anywhere.

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