Dec 12, 2018

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"I am thankful that I was taught how to think and not what to think." — Lizzie Magie

New: iCEBreaker FPGA

The iCEBreaker FPGA board makes digital logic design easy. With lots of Pmod expansion options, an open source toolchain, RISC-V softcore possibilities, and tons of demos and documentation, there’s a lot to like about 1BitSquared’s latest project.

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Coming Soon: Onion Omega2 Pro

The Onion Omega2 Pro is the most powerful Onion board yet - it’s a tiny, open source, plug-and-play Linux dev board with Wi-Fi and lots of storage. Onions have never been so sweet.

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Coming Soon: SenseTemp

SenseTemp is an accurate and flexible four-channel temperature sensor and logger. With tiny, accurate sensors and ESP32 wireless capability, you can keep tabs on your home brewing equipment, double-paned windows, robot, refrigerator, or just about anything else.

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Coming Soon: Project-X Dev Boards

Project-X boards are Pico-ITX development boards which utilize the AllWinner H2+, H3, and H5 processors. They’re designed for professional prototypes and production readiness.

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In-stock: SPIDriver

SPIDriver takes the hassle out of SPI communication. This handy adapter lets you drive SPI devices from any computer with a USB port. In stock and ready to ship!

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In-stock: LimeSDR PCIe and Accessories

The powerful LimeSDR PCIe board is back in stock, alongside other LimeSDR accessories, like the GPIO expansion board and the acrylic hacker case.

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