May 14, 2019

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"As you struggle to save humanity, be sure to avoid electrodes in your path." — Robotron: 2084

New: TinyPICO

TinyPICO is the world’s smallest full-featured ESP32 development board. In a package smaller than your thumb, it gives you access to the power of the ESP32’s dual-core 240 MHz processor and wireless connectivity!

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New: Split Single Phase Energy Meter

Affordable, open source remote energy monitoring for your entire home, made possible by Split Single Phase Energy Meter. Save on your electricity bill, monitor your solar usage, or bask in your quantified home data.

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Coming Soon: Signet High-capacity

Signet High-capacity (HC) is an open source high-speed USB device that acts as a secure flash drive, a password and personal information manager, U2F (universal two-factor authentication) token, and a multi-purpose cryptographic engine.

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Coming Soon: Programmable-Air

Programmable-Air is a hardware toolkit you can use to inflate and deflate objects. It has high-pressure and vacuum pumps, valves, and a pressure sensor on board for all your pick-and-places, soft robots, and otherwise air-filled projects.

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In-stock: Acusis

Using far-field reception and echo cancellation, Acusis is a cleaner sounding microphone that greatly improves speech recognition and teleconferencing. Acusis is an easy upgrade to nearly any webcam and is now in stock.

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Demo: Cooked vs Uncooked

Sure, you might be able to taste the difference between cooked and uncooked food, but do you have an electrical impedance spectrum for each? With Spectra, you can! Check out this demo and other Spectra updates. Last call: two days remaining.

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