May 22, 2019

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The Latest and Greatest from Crowd Supply

"Architecture must no do violence to space or its neighbors." — I.M. Pei

New: ProxmarkPro

ProxmarkPro lets you conduct RFID & NFC pen testing untethered and in the field. Identify, clone, replay, save, and load tags easily and without bulky hardware or computers.

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New: BreadShield

BreadShield is an Arduino shield that maps the Arduino’s pins to a breadboard, without jumper wires. It inserts into both of them, firmly bridging them together mechanically and electrically. It’s an easy way to clean up your projects!

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Coming Soon: Somu

Somu is a tiny FIDO2 security key you can use on your Google, Twitter, or GitHub account, etc. for two-factor authentication. Somu fits in your USB port, so you’ll never forget your key again.

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Coming Soon: Obsidian ESP32

An ESP32 in a Raspberry Pi form factor, Obsidian ESP32 merges the power, IDE, and Wi-Fi/Bluetooth capabilities of the ESP32-WROVER-B module with the large ecosystem of the Raspberry Pi.

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In-stock: Onion Omega2 Pro

Onion Omega2 Pro is a tiny, open source, single-board computer pre-loaded with OpenWrt. With 8 GB of storage and built-in Wi-Fi, this embedded Linux machine packs a punch.

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