Jun 28, 2019

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"You ever have that feeling where you’re not sure if you’re awake or still dreaming?" — Neo

New: ScopeFun

ScopeFun is five benchtop tools in one open source device. This all-in-one instrumentation platform has the functionality of an oscilloscope, arbitrary waveform generator, spectrum analyzer, logic analyzer, and digital pattern generator.

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New: Obsidian ESP32

Obsidian is a low-power ESP32 dev board in a Raspberry Pi form factor, which makes it compatible with a wide variety of ready-made Raspberry Pi peripherals and accessories, the Arduino IDE, Espressif IDF, and MicroPython.

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New: Programmable USB Hub

A USB hub that’s also a Circuit Python-based dev board, a bridge between your computer and I2C, GPIO and SPI, a power supply, a USB-to-TTL-serial adapter, and more. The Swiss Army knife of USB hubs.

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Coming Soon: FireAnt

FireAnt is a low-cost, thumb-sized FPGA dev board that is compatible with breadboards. As the first manufacturer-authorized, third-party development board for the Efinix Trion T8, FireAnt is easy to use for FPGA beginners and professionals alike.

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Field Report: LimeSDR Digital Audio Broadcast

Godfrey Laswai shares how he uses his LimeSDR to create a low-cost DAB (Digital Audio Broadcast) transmitter for internet-less, multi-channel, high-quality audio broadcasts that also supports image transmission.

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In-stock: bunnie’s NeTV2

NeTV2 is an open video development board in a PCIe form factor that can overlay content on encrypted video signals. Get this FPGA dev board and join bunnie in fighting against Section 1201 of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA).

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