Dec 05, 2019

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New: esp32MX-E

esp32MX-E is an ESP32 Wi-Fi/Bluetooth dev board with features galore: Ethernet, USB Type-C, microSD, three power inputs, 18 I/O (plus four inputs), and a secondary 32-bit ARM processor that serves as an I²C port expander.

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New: I²CMini

I²CMini is a simple, tiny, powerful USB-to-I²C bridge. Drive and monitor I²C traffic over the micro-USB connector, using either a Qwiic connector or 0.1" pins on the I²C side.

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Coming Soon: Bluetera II

Bluetera II is an open hardware IoT development platform with 9-axis motion sensors, an MCU with support for BLE 5.0, and an SDK based on Google’s Protocol Buffer technology for simplifying development and increasing cross-platform compatibility.

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Coming Soon: iotSDR

Design and develop your own physical layer wireless protocol using iotSDR, which comes with two Microchip AT86RF215 front-ends capable of providing I/Q streams and modem functionality, a Xilinx ZYNQ SoC, and a MAX2769 GNSS chip.

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Coming Soon: EASE

EASE is an Arduino shield that uses EtherCAT communication to provide high-performance, scalable, daisy-chain-able SPI communication over Ethernet cables. Designed with robotics in mind, it even supports PoE.

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December Drawing: $250 store credit

Are you using a Crowd Supply project in one of your inventions? Tweet or post it by 2019-12-31 and we’ll enter you in a drawing for a $250 store credit. Select entries will be published as Field Reports in our newsletter and online.

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In Stock: ProxmarkPro

ProxmarkPro lets you conduct RFID & NFC pen testing untethered and in the field. Identify, clone, replay, save, and load tags easily and without bulky hardware or computers.

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