Jun 12, 2020

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"Technological progress has merely provided us with more efficient means for going backwards." — Aldous Huxley

New: ZS1100A Power Meter

Measuring the energy consumption of low-power devices usually requires either very expensive equipment, or very large error margins. ZS1100A accurately records current consumption vs time to help estimate overall device battery life.

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New: Omega2+ Expansion Dock

Break out the powerful Omega2+ wireless-capable Linux board with the Expansion Dock. Get SPI, I²S, I²C, UART, USB 2.0, and Ethernet without the need for additional breadboards or soldering.

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Coming Soon: PowerEver

PowerEver keeps your off-the-shelf battery power bank from turning off when you don’t want it to — perfect for low-power projects. It has an adjustable current draw so you can minimize battery drain.

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Coming Soon: Gameduino 3X Dazzler

Gameduino 3X Dazzler is an Arduino shield with a tightly-coupled GPU and FPGA, an HDMI port, and MicroPython support. It was designed for game and audiovisual projects, but is also perfect as a simple way to add HDMI output to Arduino projects.

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Coming Soon: Galaksija

Designed in 1983 in the former Yugoslavia, Galaksija is a cult classic DIY computer that was instrumental in creating a home computing scene throughout the Balkans. Galaksija: The Computer Which Refused to Die documents this storied computer.

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In Stock: ProxmarkPro

ProxmarkPro lets you conduct RFID & NFC pen testing untethered and in the field. Identify, clone, replay, save, and load tags easily and without bulky hardware or computers.

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In Stock: REFLO Air

REFLO Air is a stylish, portable reflow machine that lets creators and makers easily, quickly, and professionally prototype circuits. It even has an option for a semi-automated XY table!

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