Jun 19, 2020

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New: PL1-0 Universal Sensor Interface

PL1-0 lets you use sourcing or sinking industrial sensors up to +30 VDC with your 3.3/5 V microcontroller boards. Make your industrial automation project easier, or open up a whole new world of sensors to your microcontroller project.

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New: 644/1284 Narrow

At almost the same size as an Arduino Nano, Narrow boards have ten more digital I/O and an additional UART - and up to eight times the flash and RAM of an Arduino Uno. They’re the smallest ATmega644/1284-based boards ever produced.

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Coming Soon: Amp Smart Lighting Controller

Amp is perfect for your next bicycle light project. Configure and control up to four RGB addressable LED strips with the onboard accelerometer or with gesture-recognition via the Android/iOS app using the ESP32’s BLE.

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In Stock: HiFive1 Rev B

HiFive1 Rev B is an open source, RISC-V dev board with wireless connectivity in an Arduino-compatible form factor. It features the second generation of SiFive’s 32-bit FE310-G002 SoC that operates at a blazing 320+ MHz.

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In Stock: Tomu

Tomu is an open source ARM board with two buttons and two LEDs that fits inside your USB connector - for 2FA/U2F token security, or whatever you want to make of it. Now in stock.

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In Stock: USBNinja

USBNinja looks and acts just like a regular USB cable, but is secretly a pentest device that injects your attack payload at the touch of a button. It comes in Micro USB, USB Type-C, and Lightning configurations to bring BadUSB to almost any device.

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