Dec 07, 2020

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"There is always something for which there is no accounting. Take, for example, the whole world." — Leonard Michaels

New: Ollie

Ollie is a simple, powerful, isolated, multifunction interface module and USB-to-isolated-UARTx2/CAN/USB/RS485/RS232 converter. Talk to all the things.

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Coming Soon: K210 AI Accelerator

Adding AI processing to your RPi project has never been easier. The K210 AI Accelerator adds half a trillion operations per second (TOPS) of processing power, and, with pre-trained models, can add machine vision capabilities in a matter of minutes.

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Coming Soon: Micro WS2812 2020 RGB LED Matrix

At 25 x 25 mm, Micro WS2812 2020 RGB LED Matrix provides a tiny, addressable, daisy-chainable, 8 x 8 LED matrix for any project in need of fully-controllable blinkenlights.

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Updates: LTA Headphones Design Improvements

LTA headphones are open source and provide excellent fidelity. In project updates, its creator walks through their inscrutable product-improvement process, from hinges to bearing tapes. They’re must-reads for any audiophile or detail nerd.

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In Stock: XTRX

XTRX is the smallest, most easily embedded software-defined radio (SDR) on the market. Its combination of high-performance specs and incredible price will enable the next generation of wireless solutions, from prototype to production.

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In Stock: Dreamweaver 4N

Dream Weaver 4N is a four-note, real-time electronic music sequencer that uses potentiometers to control note pitch, duration, and repeat period. Quickly create and evolve your own unique music.

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