Jan 09, 2021

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"Cyberspace. A consensual hallucination experienced daily by billions of legitimate operators, in every nation." — William Gibson

Coming Soon: NeuroStimDuino

NeuroStimDuino is an open, affordable, and easy to use Arduino shield for experimenting with electrical stimulation of nerves and muscles - neurostimulation.

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Coming Soon: D-MARK

D-MARK is an ARM-based STM32F070RB dev board with extensive peripherals for real-world use, such as relays, a motor driver, USB ports, a microSD slot, and more.

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Coming Soon: MDB-JS Board

MDB-JS is an open source Raspberry Pi HAT for easily monitoring and controlling your vending machine from a mobile or web app. Use MDB-JS to enable touchless payments, diagnose errors, manage inventory, etc., all from the web.

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In Stock: Artificial Intelligence Radio - Transceiver (AIR-T)

AIR-T is a fully integrated, single-board, software-defined radio platform that covers from 300 MHz to 6 GHz and is equipped with a top-notch FPGA and GPU for signal processing and deep learning. In stock with or without enclosure.

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In Stock: PowerEver

PowerEver keeps your off-the-shelf battery power bank from turning off when you don’t want it to — perfect for low-power projects. It has an adjustable current draw so you can minimize battery drain.

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In Stock: ABW Metronome & Low-pass Filter Kits

Learn to solder and make some noise with these kits by Audio Builders Workshop. By following along with the step-by-step illustrated instructions in the "Soldering is Easy" comic, you’ll build a metronome or a low-pass filter in no time.

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Field Report: Home Automation with Omega2 Dash and ESP32

Backer Carey C. used the open source Omega2 Dash Linux-enabled touchscreen dev board as a central controller for a system of remote sensors and controls for his gate and garage doors.

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