Apr 18, 2022

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"I’m not counting any chickens." — Jeff Bridges

Coming Soon: BeanCounter

Count your 8 mm reel (or cut tape) components quickly with the open, battery-powered BeanCounter.

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Coming Soon: Mixtile Blade 3

Mixtile Blade 3 is a tiny, stackable, next-gen, 8 nm Rockchip RK3588-based SBC for edge-AI applications.

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Coming Soon: AquaPing

Detect water leaks from behind walls with the AquaPing acoustic sensor and processor board.

Learn More About AquaPing

Qorvo RF Accelerator: CubeSat Livestream Giveaway

Built by a student group using Qorvo components, OreSat0 launched into low Earth orbit last month. Watch the upcoming livestream to learn about plans for a handheld ground station and a chance to win some nice giveaways.

Learn More and Watch the Livestream

In Stock: Precursor

Precursor is a mobile RISC-V SoC dev kit that takes openness and hardware security to entirely new levels — made by bunnie and xobs.

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In Stock: Pixie Chroma

Pixie Chroma is a compact, easily-chainable, LED dot-matrix character display module for Arduino.

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In Stock: uSVC

uSVC is a simple, open source, DIY game console for creating and playing 8-bit, retro-style games.

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Update Roundup

RoenDi shows off a menu demo.

Halo got a GUI.

GUI screenshot

Home Assistant Yellow PoE EMC.

Sensor Watch gets Wordle.

Conexio Stratus gets some upgrades.

Buck boost circuit diagrams

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