Feb 27, 2024

Update 231 of 238

New SiFive board, huge LED cat head, cubesat spacewalk, and more - the latest and greatest from Crowd Supply

"You’re only given a little spark of madness. You mustn’t lose it." — Robin Williams

New: Spark Analyzer

Spark Analyzer is a USB-C PD (UCPD) analyzer & power supply for easy development and debugging.

Learn More About Spark Analyzer

New: Esp32-C6-Bug

{bugtopviewwhitebackground-1} Esp32-C6-Bug is a RISC-V dev board with Zigbee, Thread, Wi-Fi 6, BLE, and battery support.

Learn More About Esp32-C6-Bug

Early Bird Tickets: Teardown 2024

Attend Teardown 2024 this June for three days of talks, workshops, demos, installations, and puzzles. Special thanks to Mouser Electronics for providing amazing parts!

Learn More About Teardown 2024

Coming Soon: IOL HAT

IOL HAT connects your SBC to industrial-grade SDCI (a.k.a. IO-Link) sensors and actuators.

Learn More About IOL HAT

Coming Soon: Spacewalker LNA 434 MHz

Spacewalker LNA 434 MHz is high-end low-noise amplifier for 70 cm band CubeSat reception. Part of Qorvo RF Accelerator.

Learn More About Spacewalker LNA 434 MHz

In Stock: AI in a Box

AI in a Box is your own offline, private, open source LLM for conversations and more.

Order Your AI in a Box

In Stock: HiFive Unmatched Rev B

Check out the latest revision of SiFive’s HiFive Unmatched RISC-V Linux development platform.

Order Your HiFive Unmatched Rev B

In Stock: USB-Cereal

USB-Cereal is a USB Type-C multitool for quick development, debugging, testing, and data capture.

Order Your USB-Cereal

In Stock: DiceKeys

DiceKeys are security keys you create by rolling dice.

Order Your DiceKeys

Update Roundup

Pocket Reforms get ready to ship.

Pixblasters shows off a huge LED cat head.

Tangara measures audio quality.

WiSer unveils broadcast mode.

Diabolic Drive offers ADS for data exfiltration.

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