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A handheld RFID & NFC test instrument optimized for untethered use in the field

$31,700 raised

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Funding ended on Jun 25, 2019 at 04:59 PM PDT.

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A Portable RFID & NFC Tool for Real-world Use

The ProxmarkPro is a portable test instrument designed to quickly discover, identify, and demonstrate weaknesses in popular RFID and NFC systems in the field.

The ProxmarkPro is NOT another development kit. It has been designed from the ground up to meet the demanding requirements of Red Teamers and security research professionals.

The ProxmarkPro is intended to be used in the field or at a desk with no client connection or setup, just turn it on and start using it. The antenna can be easily and quickly swapped out to accommodate a wide variety of systems.

Features & Specifications

The ProxmarkPro is perfect for quickly, easily, and powerfully demonstrating vulnerabilities and risk to non-technical decision makers and stakeholders.

Upgrades & Improvements

This latest addition to the Proxmark line has several significant upgrades and improvements over previous versions, including:

The ProxmarkPro represents the culmination of over three years of active research and development, incorporating contributions from a global team of experts and feedback from Red Teamers.

Swappable Antennas

Use Case: Identify Tags

Identify low- and high-frequency tags with just a few clicks. Currently supports HID, EM4100, Mifare Ultralight, Classic 1K, and Classic 4K. Support for more tags is coming soon.

Use Case: Save and Load Tags from the SD Card

Read a tag and then save it to the SD card. Then load saved tags from the SD card. Currently supports HID, EM4100, and Mifare Ultralight.

Use Case: Clone a Tag

From tag data saved on the SD card, the ProxmarkPro can make a physical clone of the tag by writing to a T5577 tag. Currently supports HID and EM4100, with more coming soon.

Use Case: Emulate a Tag

Simulate a saved tag to another reader. Currently supports HID, EM4100, and Mifare Ultralight.

Use Case: Brute-force an HID Reader

A brute-force attack can be done by trying to guess multiple tag UID’s similar to a known working tag UID to gain access. You can also adjust the brute-force parameters like tag UID, facility code, format length, and replay rate. This functionality currently supports HID tags.


The ProxmarkPro has some notable upgrades over other Proxmark models. It features an LCD, more powerful FPGA (5x) and ADC, navigation switch, built-in Lithium-ion battery, and microSD card slot.

Proxmark Comparisons

If you’ve used other Proxmark models, the ProxmarkPro will on one hand be familiar, and on the other hand offer a lot of new funcitonality not previously available. The ProxmarkPro is the only model that has an unchained mode, but, like earlier models, it can also still be controlled with PC client software over USB. However, as we add more features to the unchained mode, the hope is the client will be something you only occasionally need to use.

ProxmarkPro Proxmark3Proxmark3 RDV4
FPGASpartan 3 Spartan 2Spartan 2
InterfaceLCD + Onscreen Menu 4x LED8x LED
USB Device Mode
Unchained Mode
Removable Storage
Nav Switch
AntennasModular Internal
SIM/SAM Reader
Swappable Antennas
Long Range Antennas
HF Read RangeUp to 100 mm Up to 100 mmUp to 85 mm
HF Long RangeN/A N/A100 - 120 mm
LF Read RangeUp to 140 mm Up to 100 mmUp to 70 mm

Competitor Comparisons

ProxmarkPro Phone + NFC ToolsACR122UHID OMNIKEY 5427 CKChameleonMini
Read Tag UID
Write Tag UID
Clone Tag UID
Emulate Tag UID
Read blocks and sectors
Write to blocks and sectors
13.56 MHz Cards
125 kHz Cards
Price$250 Price of phone + free app$40 - $50$100$100 - $150

* Snoop: Eavesdrop communication between reader and tag

What’s Included?

Each ProxmarkPro kit comes with:

Above: The kit includes a USB cable, low- and high-frequency antennas, the main unit with battery and LCD screen, and a 16 GB microSD card. The kit also includes a carrying case and low- and high-frequency tag bundles (see below).

Above: Carrying case for the ProxmarkPro and its accessories.

Above: Low-frequency antenna and sample tags (left), high-frequency antenna and sample tags (right), and ProxmarkPro main unit (center).

Above: Low-frequency antenna (left) and high-frequency antenna (right).

Manufacturing Plan

All manufacturers and suppliers have been selected. We plan to start production upon successful funding of our project. Manufacturing will take about two to three months to complete.

Fulfillment & Logistics

All ProxmarkPro units will be delivered to Crowd Supply’s warehouse for final distribution to backers worldwide. For more information, please see this page about ordering, paying, and shipping.

Risks & Challenges

There are very few risks and challenges with this project, as the product is complete and all the manufacturers are lined up and ready to go. One challenges we may face is working with some of our new manufacturers - we hope to have no issues, but with new manufacturers some issues may occur.

Support & Documentation

Rysc Corp stands behind our products and plans to help support them as long as we are around. You can find documentation about our products at

In the Press

Hackster News

"The portable toolset is designed to search for, identify, and demonstrate weaknesses in RFID and NFC systems in the field."

Geeky Gadgets

"ProxmarkPro RFID and NFC vulnerability testing made easy"

Produced by Rysc Corp in Manassas, VA.

Sold and shipped by Crowd Supply.

ProxmarkPro Kit

Everything you need get started with your NFC and RFID experiments, including a ProxmarkPro main unit with enclosure and 1200 mAh battery, one low-frequency (LF) antenna, one high-frequency (HF) antenna, a bundle of three HF tags, a bundle of three LF tags, one 16 GB microSD card, and a carrying pouch. This product is end of life, will not be restocked, is offered as-is, and is not eligible to be returned.

$400 $8 US Shipping / $18 Worldwide

ProxmarkPro Kit - Early Bird

Everything you need get started with your NFC and RFID experiments, including a ProxmarkPro main unit with enclosure and 1200 mAh battery, one low-frequency (LF) antenna, one high-frequency (HF) antenna, a bundle of three HF tags, a bundle of three LF tags, one 16 GB microSD card, and a carrying pouch.

$250 $8 US Shipping / $18 Worldwide

About the Team

Rysc Corp

Manassas, VA

Rysc Corp is your one stop shop for security research hardware. We’ve been creating, distributing and supporting security research devices since 2009. Our commitment to customer service and quality means you can count on us when it counts.

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