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SUPSEAT - Stand-Up Paddleboard Seat

Built for use with your stand-up paddleboard, SUPSEAT is suitable for all paddleboarders. From beginner to pro!

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Oct 17 2013
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##SUPSEAT – Standup Paddleboarding Evolved

Stand-up paddle boarding is taking the spotlight as more water sport enthusiasts are making the switch from heavy and bulky kayaks to the lighter, more slender paddleboard. Stand-up paddle boarding may seem too challenging at first for some. The SUPSEAT will help to make learning easier!

The SUPSEAT is a specialized paddle board seat designed for all levels of paddle boarders. It allows beginners to practice their balance and develop confidence. Experienced boarders will have a place to sit and rest when on longer distance rides.

What makes the SUPSEAT even more special is that it opens up the sport to those who have certain physical limitations, giving them the opportunity to enjoy this rewarding sport.

SUPSEAT can be a temporary or permanent attachment to your paddle board. This one-of-a-kind design boasts many useful features.

A storage basket and water bottle holders eliminate the need for a wet bag to hold you things as you paddleboard.

The seat is completely removable from the board and detaches through an easy to use clip-in-and-out system. The super light seat and base weigh in at just over a pound!

The Design

Built for use with your stand-up paddleboard, SUPSEAT is suitable for all paddleboarders. From beginner to pro, and even physically-challenged individuals who want to try out the sport.

The base of the SUPSEAT measures only 7"x8" and it stands just an inch and a half high off the board. SUPSEAT features a storage basket for food and gear and water bottle holders. This makes it easier to stow supplies without having to bring a wet bag.

Installation and Operation

Installing the SUPSEAT base permanently is minimally invasive, thanks to its small size. Once installed, you can still choose to remove the seat as you wish. Simply put on the base cover and paddleboard in the traditional fashion. The SUPSEAT conveniently pops up and falls back on the board with the push of a button.

Special Features

In addition to the storage panel and bottle holders, this specialized paddle board seat also boasts adjustable height and angle to fit the rider’s preference.

Not only is it removable—the seat is also small enough so you can mount two seats in one paddleboard! It will be easier to encourage and train kids to ride paddleboards.


Designed with the needs of all paddleboarders in mind, SUPSEAT offers great benefits for all levels of paddleboard riders and enthusiasts:

• Beginners. The seat serves as ‘training wheels’ for aspiring paddleboarders. Find your center of balance immediately by using the seat as your guide. You can start paddling while sitting and learn to stand at your own pace.

• Parents who want to encourage their kids to take on paddleboarding will have an easier time taking them out by mounting 2 seats on one paddleboard.

• Pros can take on longer paddling distances. You can rest on the seat after long periods of standing on your board. Save energy and rest in comfort on a long ride!

• The SUPSEAT opens up paddleboarding to those with certain physical limitations, allowing them to enjoy this amazing sport.


SUPSEAT is the first paddleboard seat designed to provide comfort, utility, and stability. It is perfect for all paddleboarders who want to get the most out of the sport. SUPSEAT is one of a kind. The SUPSEAT design combines comfort, function, durability, and versatility. It is suitable for all levels of paddleboarders with a variety of needs.

• Other paddleboard seat designs require a lot of work to setup. SUPSEAT requires the simple push of a button to use. Installation is minimally invasive. The SUPSEAT can be attached and removed as needed.

• When not in use, the mount of the seat is covered with a base plate so that the board may be used in the traditional fashion.

• Designed for comfort, the paddleboard seat can be adjusted to different heights and angles to accommodate different riders.

• Food, water, and gear are stored in the seat’s storage compartment. Long rides out to sea or down rivers and lakes will be easier.

• One paddleboard can mount two SUPSEATs, which makes it easier to take your kid out for a paddle boating adventure.

• The seat can be used for training novice paddlers who have trouble finding their center of balance. The seat serves as an automatic marker for easier riding (sitting down or standing up).


Our goal is to acquire enough funding to develop the tooling and molds to manufacture the SUPSEAT. We are using a local Oregon manufacturer for production.

The costs will be a little higher than if the seat was made overseas, but we feel it is important keep our business in Oregon and the United States.


The risks and challenges are that the SUPSEAT manufacturing costs aren’t met and the cost of the SUPSEAT is out of reach of the ordinary consumer. Another risk includes getting the seat to market through exposure at outdoor and industry expos as well as traditional marketing channels.

Our hope is to have the seat in every retail store that sells a Stand Up Paddle Board and to make the seat available for online sales.

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Produced by Shanon Gray in Lake Oswego, Oregon.

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We are the only provider of SupSeat paddleboard seats—the first ever paddle board seat designed for all levels of paddle boarders.

Shanon Gray

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