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Nov 05, 2019

Project update 6 of 11

3D-Printable Cases

by Sid Price

For the last couple weeks, we have been working with Bob Miller (@kbob) to design a case for ctxLink. Well, Bob has produced not one but two ctxLink case designs. The first is open, the second has a top cover, and both hold the battery securely beneath the ctxLink itself:

In his notes in the ctxLink repository, Bob says

If your printing workflow can do color changes, I suggest printing
the first two layers of the lid in a transparent PLA, and the rest
in an opaque color.

The design of the latching system for the closed case is very creative. Here is a short video showing how it opens and closes:

As expected, Bob has done an excellent job with these cases. (Check out another of his designs here!) You can find design files for both ctxLink covers on GitHub.

SWO Trace Feature

Progress on this software feature has been a little slow this week, as we’ve been focused on wrapping up the case designs. Our initial design review is well under way, however.

Campaign Progress

With just about one week left to go, our campaign continues to move forward. Please consider taking some time to share the link. Help us get ctxLink across that finish line and into the hands of our enthusiastic backers!

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