Wireless debug probe for ARM Cortex-M microprocessors

Apr 22, 2020

All Boards Sent for Fulfillment

Crowd Supply has sent all production ctxLinks to Mouser for fulfillment. Products will begin shipping very soon, so please ensure that your Crowd Supply account has an up-to-date shipping address. Read the full update.

Jan 29, 2020

Manufacturing Complete

Our production run is complete, and your ctxLink boards will be on their way here – for testing and programming – later this week. Read on for more information about what we've been up to, especially with regard to how ctxLink handles UART data from the target. Read the full update.

Dec 09, 2019


We have placed an order for the initial batch of ctxLink components, and PCB fabrication and assembly will begin soon. Meanwhile, we have added support for re-flashing a known working firmware in the unlikely event that you brick your ctxLink. Finally, we decided to keep ctxLink at $99 for pre-order. Read the full update.

Nov 13, 2019

A Sincere Thank You to Our Backers

With the initial stage of funding behind us, we would like to take this opportunity to thank each backer for their support and confidence. Over the next few weeks, in parallel with the startup of manufacturing, we will continue our work to add SWO support over the network and to merge the latest Black Magic Probe updates into ctxLink. Thanks again for joining us on this journey! Read the full update.

Nov 11, 2019

The Journey to Funding

This journey has been challenging at times, but always interesting. Our campaign comes to a close in just over 24 hours, and we thought revisiting that journey might be helpful for those who are still on the fence about backing ctxLink. Read the full update.

Nov 05, 2019

3D-Printable Cases

Bob Miller (@kbob) has produced not one but two ctxLink case designs. One is open, the other has a top cover, and both hold the battery securely beneath the ctxLink itself. Read the full update.

Oct 28, 2019

Extending a Target’s Serial Port

It is often valuable to be able to send messages from the target system when monitoring its state. Black Magic Probe (BMP) implements a USB serial port that performs this task. It provides a serial connection that you can attach to a UART of the target. BMP will then send the data it receives through this connection to a second USB serial port on the host computer. ctxLink now provides the same functionality, over the network, by exposing a separate TCP port to which client applications can connect in order to receive serial data from the target. Read the full update.

Oct 21, 2019

New Application, Software Improvements, Connecting to an IDE, and Production Update

Using ctxLink to ensure ground isolation without breaking the bank, improving our TCP sever code, and using ctxLink with ImageCraft's JumpStart C++ IDE. Read the full update.

Oct 11, 2019

Getting Ready for Production

3D printable enclosure design, production prep, and new software features Read the full update.

Oct 07, 2019

Wireless Debugging With Visual Studio Code

I have spent the past few days working to get ctxLink running with the highly extensible Visual Studio Code (VSCode) development environment. VSCode makes it quite straightforward to use a typical "makefile" project for ARM development. Read the full update.

Sep 27, 2019

Our Campaign is Live!

ctxLink is an open source, open hardware, wireless SWD/JTAG debugging probe for the majority of ARM Cortex-M microcontrollers. Read the full update.

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