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Solder Ninja Pen

A 45 W USB-powered soldering iron compatible with Weller RT tips

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Meet Solder Ninja Pen, the ultimate USB-powered soldering iron designed for reliability and precision. Compatible with the extensive catalog of Weller RT tips, it handles a wide range of tasks, from large ground planes to microsoldering at the submillimeter scale. Hot-swappable tips, a temperature display for fine adjustments, and its lightweight design make it perfect for professionals and hobbyists alike, seeking portability without compromising quality.

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High Precision

Check out a demonstration of the Solder Ninja Pen’s temperature accuracy below, and stay tuned for more videos showcasing its capabilities.

Features & Specifications


The Solder Ninja Pen comes with a default tip covering most use cases (RTP 013 S). Additionally, users have the option to purchase other tips from Weller.

Open Source

Solder Ninja Pen is an open hardware device. We invite you to explore the board schematics over on our GitHub.

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In the Press

Hackster News

"The Solder Ninja Pen, designed by Nicolas Schurando of Sitron Labs, revolutionizes USB-powered soldering irons by addressing the need for versatile tip options."

Circuit Digest

"The key feature of the solder ninja pen is that it is compatible with the hot-swappable RT Tip series tips from Weller."

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