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Jan 05, 2024

Project update 22 of 25

FCC Certification is Complete, Shipment Continues

by Eiren

It’s taken us a lot of time and effort, but we finally got SlimeVR properly certified with FCC as a wearable device, along with our own FCC ID. That means there are no more obstacles for us to ship Slimes to you, the backers! Which is what we’re doing now!


It will feel so empty in The Cave without all the Slimes. Until we get a new batch ready, of course

On January 3rd 8 pallets of SlimeVR sets, totaling 2364 sets were picked up by UPS to ship Mouser to be sent to backers! Along with the previously shipped sets in shipments 1 and 2, it amounts to 3786 sets shipped from us. This also includes Shipment 3 that was counted in the previous update, but was returned back to us by US customs. So in total it’s only 1572 new sets shipped now, but way more people should get their Slimes than before!

Slime Updater station can test firmware for 10 Slimes at once! All running on a humble Raspberry Pi 4

We did our best to insure that Slimes arrive to you safely and without any additional delays. That includes repacking all of the sets that we had to include update instruction manual compliant with the FCC requirements, re-labeling them with the new labels showing the new FCC ID, and even testing each slime and updating firmware to the latest version. We also 3D-printed tens of thousands of plugs for the extension ports of the slimes to protect them from static damage or from accidentally plugging a USB cable into it.

Now that these Slimes are in hands of UPS, we hope it won’t be long until they get to you! Of course, it’s something we can’t control anymore: first they need to get to Mouser, then Mouser should send them to the backers, and then the chosen mail service should deliver them. We don’t know how fast it will happen, but when your set is shipped you will receive an email from Crowd Supply with your tracking number.

Remember to check your Crowd Supply account in your order details to make sure your shipping address is up to date! You can contact Crowd Supply Support if you need to make any changes.

Next Batches

The Cave is ready for the next batch!

Of course 3786 is just a third of all SlimeVR sets ordered, so what about the rest 7505 (as of writing of this update) sets? We’re of course working on them!

Our new assembly partners help us improve the assembly speed, and so another ~2000 sets will be ready by early February, and will likely ship in one or two shipments by late February. That will cover almost all orders up to the end of 2022.

Orders from 2023 and new orders placed now are waiting for the components, but there are no shortages anymore, so we should be getting everything soon too, which then can be put directly into assembly. With our assembling partner, our own effort, and optimizations to the process we expect all orders from 2023 and orders placed now to be shipped by May 2024.

This time we’re the most confident in our timelines than we ever been, after all the setbacks, delays and problems we faced, we’re still here, still working to fulfill the orders, to grow the SlimeVR ecosystem, the community and the product.

Warranty and Support

As with any electronics, issues happen, but please don’t forget that we have a 2-year manufacturer warranty from the day you receive your sets. We’re working on the dedicated support system right now, but if you experience any problems with your set, please try following options:

See Ya Soon!

As always, join our Discord for weekly updates and to chat with the community.

And have a heartfelt Thank You from all of us for sticking around! 🥰

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