ATtiny Flasher

Open Hardware Flashing Tool for the Atmel ATtiny

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ATtiny Flasher is a handy device that allows you to use your favorite IDEs and debugging tools when developing for the ATtiny microcontroller. Enjoy the classic Arduino development experience while working with bare metal. Whether you’re a design engineer, a hobbyist, or someone who’s just getting started programming MCUs, ATtiny Flasher can help you get from a great idea to a great implementation—without having to port your code to its intended platform when you’re done.

Features & Specifications

  • Flash ATtiny85, ATtiny45, ATtiny25, and ATtiny13 via breadboard or onboard header
  • Flash the entire Atmega MCU family using the ISP header
  • Flash using Arduino IDE, Platformio, or any other IDE of your choice
  • Two configurable power rails, either 3.3 V or 5 V
  • Six GPIO "weak" LEDs
  • Three flash-status LEDs
  • Onboard OLED screen connected to target MCU as a live terminal
  • Streams serial data to the host PC as if it were connected directly to the target MCU. (Yes, serial on ATtiny. Even ATtiny13!)
  • A buffer IC between target and host MCUs only connects the two while flashing
  • Open hardware driven by open source software

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