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A protective barrier between your device and "juice-jacking" hackers.

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Jun 15 2014
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Have you ever plugged your phone into a strange USB port because you really needed a charge and thought: "Gee who could be stealing my data?" Lets hope you have, because malicious hackers can easily set up a charging kiosk to "hijack" your device’s data or even upload malware.

Or maybe you went for a charge on your buddies computer and accidentally synced up all of your data, including pictures and more sensitive information you weren’t planning on sharing.

We’ve all been there; in an airport, a coffee shop or maybe a friend’s computer, sometimes you just NEED a charge. "Any port in a storm." as the saying goes. Well, now you can be a bit safer.

A USB What?

"USBCondoms" prevent accidental data exchange when your device is plugged into a computer or charging station with a USB cable. USB Condoms achieve this by cutting off the data pins in the USB cable and allowing only the power pins to connect through. Thus, these "USBCondoms" prevent attacks like "juice jacking".

Earlier this year we released the USBCondom as an experiment and didn’t think much more about it. The following morning, we were flooded with emails. We quickly ran out of our first production run. We soon realized we were on to something with this little device. Now we want to release a second production run to the public.

We’re a small, independent information security firm. Your support really helps us work on projects like this one so that we can all be a bit safer. Too often, information security is limited to those with deep pockets. USBCondoms and projects like it are our small way of bringing information security to a broader audience.

Use USBCondoms to:

If you’re going to run around plugging your phone into strange USB ports, at least be safe about it.

Manufacturing Plan

We’ve partnered with a great manufacturer in Oregon , who did a fine job on the USBCondom’s first production run.

About USBCondom

USB Condom is a product from information security R&D consultancy and product development company Xipiter. With an expertise in embedded systems, hardware to software exploitation, Xipiter helps global clients secure their software, hardware and mobile solutions. The USBCondom originally launched via INT3.cc, a community focused resource for information security developers and researchers that need fully assembled tools.

In the Press


"Many public locations now offer USB charging stations, but it’s a trivial task to modify one of these to allow an attacker to access your data. Int3.cc’s device cuts off access to the data transfer pins on the USB port, while still permitting access to t"

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"So if you’re often charging on the go, and you don’t truly know whether a given port is safe or not, it’s time to think about a USB condom."

Fast Company


The Verge

"USB Condom protects your devices from nasty ports"


"some phones may be more susceptible to data theft and malware than others, but what is certain is that by breaking the data connection, int3.cc’s USBCondom removes all doubt."

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"It’s one of those simple solutions that seems so obvious once someone came up with it."

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"if you’re interested in practicing safe charging, check back in."

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The Examiner

"if you are an “average” smartphone user it may be best for you to purchase the USB Condom"

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"USB Condom keeps your smartphone safe while you juice it in public."

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Extreme Tech

"The USB condom prevents your phone from picking up diseases from strange charging ports"

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"USBCondom was designed to allow gadgets to be charged safely"

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"If you’re going to run around plugging your phone into strange USB ports, at least be safe about it. ;-),” "

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Hacker News

"USB Condom"

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About the Team


Portland, OR  ·   xipiter.com

With an expertise in embedded systems and hardware to software exploitation, Xipiter helps global clients secure their software, hardware, and mobile solutions.

S.A. Ridley

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