Protocol Droid

An interface adapter for accessing or emulating devices through a wide variety of protocols

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Protocol Droid is an interface adapter board designed to help embedded-software developers and enthusiasts test and improve their projects—particularly in situations where they do not yet have appropriate hardware with which to do so. Protocol Droid communicates with the host over USB and with other devices using I²C, CAN Bus, RS485, UART, or SPI. Or all five at the same time. It can be used to transfer data, in either direction, between a host computer and a wide variety of attached devices: When Protocol Droid receives a message from an attached device, it is transferred to the host; when it receives a message from the host, it is forwarded along to the selected device.


We also provide a Protocol Droid software application that allows you to:

  • Send and receive the messages described above
  • Configure communication settings, such as the UART baud rate and the I²C clock speed
  • Read values from the board's two ADCs
  • Control the board's two DACs
  • Configure the board's two PWM channels

This application is fully customizable and you are free use it in for your own applications. It is currently available for Windows, and we will have a Linux version ready by the time Protocol Droid ships to backers.

Naturally, you can also write your own code to handle these tasks. In order to help you do so, we will publish a document that fully describes the protocol through which the board communicates with your host computer.

Features & Specifications

  • Available Interfaces:
    • I²C (controller & peripheral modes)
    • SPI (controller & peripheral modes)
    • RS485 (controller & peripheral modes)
    • CANBus
    • UART
    • PWM
    • ADC
    • DAC
  • Power Sources: 3 V & 5 V sources with limited current

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