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Catch some radio waves with this modular RTL-SDR system

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DeepRad is a modular version of the RTL-SDR, a product beloved by radio enthusiasts. However, DeepRad offers distinct advantages. Its modularity makes integration far simpler, side-stepping the complexities of designing an RTL-SDR from scratch (such as RF considerations and chip stocking issues). DeepRad is a versatile option for integrating many different radio functions into whatever projects you’re working on today.

We want the community to create their own "motherboards" with 1, 3, or as many as 20 DeepRad modules to bring new applications to life. There are three versions of DeepRad we’ll be focusing on for this campaign:

Tune In Anywhere

DeepRad, like any RTL-SDR, is a platform that has captured the imagination of radio enthusiasts worldwide. Its power, affordability, and versatility make it a perfect tool for a wide range of RF applications. Let’s explore four examples of what you can do with DeepRad:

Monitor Ham Radio: You could build a board with several DeepRads and a Raspberry Pi to notify you of an activity in a specific frequency.

Rock Out to FM Radio: You could build an inefficient version of your regular radio to listen to your favorite station, connect it to the cloud with an SBC, and run an AI algorithm to analyze the broadcast content.

Listen to satellites: Integrate DeepRad into a board with a motor control to follow the trajectories of passing satellites, such as NOAA’s weather satellites or the International Space Station.

Keep Tabs on Air Traffic: Airplanes transmit their location using the ADS-B protocol. With DeepRad, you could build your own board to log plane locations and send it to the cloud to aggregate the location data.

Features & Specifications

DeepRad Module

DeepRad Single

DeepRad Quad

Open Source

All the DeepRad motherboards (for 1 and 4 modules) are open source, so you can have a starting point for your custom design. The footprint of the module as well as all the documentation on how to design around it will be also available after the project ships to backers.

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