Maker LED Display

Arduino programmable & internet connectable LED Matrix Display

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Maker LED display brings simplicity when it comes to using LED Matrix Displays. Arduino library written for it and a dozen pre-made examples make using and customization of the display a trivial task. There’s more than just customization of content shown on the display! Choose between 32 x 9 pixels or 64 x 9 pixels version and pick the LED color: white, blue, green, orange or purple.

Small and big display

back side of the displays

Have you ever found yourself constantly checking some data? The number of retweets on your latest Twitter post? The stock price you invested in last week? Weather maybe? Or that Bitcoins just bought, but can’t stop checking if they have reached $100k already? Since Maker LED Matrix is connectable to the internet, you can simply have any data at the display! Or just show any other message on it. If you wish to carry it around, it won’t be a problem either. The device can be powered with a lithium-ion battery and charged with an onboard charger.

Features and Specifications

  • single-color 32 x 9 or 64 x 9 LED matrix display with various LED colors
  • ESP8266 controlled, programmable from Arduino
  • Comes with Arduino library that enables: show text, scroll text, show 8-bit .bmp image, make animations, get info from the website/API, change brightness etc.
  • 2 or 4 pieces of IS31FL3731 LED matrix drivers
  • USB or Li-ion battery power, include an onboard battery charger
  • unused ESP8266 accessible from pins on board for further hacking!
  • .stl for 3D-printable enclosure available

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