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Ovrdrive USB

An open source USB drive with a hidden self-destruct feature

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Ovrdrive USB is an open source USB drive with a hidden self-destruct feature. If you don’t plug Ovrdrive in three times in a row, you can say goodbye to your data! Our users are journalists in anti-privacy countries, security researchers and anyone interested in open source hardware. All project assets are open source; even the tools used to develop Ovrdrive are completely open.

Ovrdrive USB Build Process

If Ovrdrive is inserted normally into a PC, it will hide its data. However, if the user inserts it three times rapidly, it will present the data normally. When the drive is unlocked it will hold data normally. Users can open the case to get to the board, and there are 1.27 mm pitch pins that can be used to program the microcontroller. Ovrdrive is designed to be hackable, repairable and upgradable.

Lite Mode and Full Self Destruct Mode

Ovrdrive has both full self-destruct (FSD) and lite mode. When the device is in FSD mode, it will charge several capacitors above the maximum rating of the flash and dump the power into the voltage rail. To switch between "lite" and "Full Self Destruct" there is a trace that must be broken on the PCB.

Lite mode

Lite mode is enabled by default. This mode inhibits access to the flash, but does not destroy it. When a user plugs the drive into a PC it will appear broken. This works by simply inhibiting the chip select pin of the flash.

Full Self Destruct

To enable Full Self destruct or "FSD", the user can break a trace on the PCB, as pictured below. FSD mode works by overloading the flash memory’s voltage rail. There is a simple voltage doubler controller next to the microcontroller. The Distruct_PWM signal is driven to charge up C14 and C15 to 10 V. The kill signal is then enabled and destroys the flash.

Features & Specifications

Open Source

This device is for everyone. Ovrdrive is 100% open source, and all CAD tools used to make it are also open source. Check out our Github! We would like to thank the maintainers and developers of these open source tools:

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About the Team

Interrupt Labs

Squamish, BC, Canada  ·

We are an engineering consultancy and product development firm developing open-source hardware and software. We focus on enabling researchers and hackers to learn and explore the boundaries of hardware security.

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