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IQ Motion Control
Robotics & Motors

IQ Vertiq 8108

A commercial-grade drone & robotics motor module

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Funding ended on Nov 20, 2020 at 03:59 PM PST.

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The IQ Vertiq 6806 is the first commercial-grade drone and robotics motor module in its class. The module is an integrated motor and controller with an embedded position sensor. The combination of IQ’s unique hardware design and proprietary software allows IQ motors to maximize torque output, efficiency, and precision, while minimizing motor vibration, cost, and footprint. The IQ Vertiq 6806 is designed, assembled, and calibrated in the USA!

With IQ’s closed-loop motor control technology, UAVs will be able to change directions, stabilize, and brake four times faster. The module also offers advanced telemetry for motor health monitoring. The Vertiq 6806 was designed for UAV propulsion, but with IQ’s position firmware, it is also the ideal servomotor for precision robotic applications. With smooth, high-torque motors, users will be able to build extremely compact, high-performance robotic devices.


IQ Vertiq 6806 180 KV
Microcontroller32-bit ARM Cortex MCU @ 72 MHZ
Motor Dimensions79.50 mm diameter, 37 mm height
Stator Dimensions68 mm diameter, 6 mm height
Weight340 g
Motor KV Options180 RPM/V
Max Continuous Torque Stalled (180s)1.3 Nm
Max Continuous Motor Current (10 s)30 A
Voltage (Max # of Lipo Cells)50.4 V (12s)
FirmwareIQ Speed, IQ Position




Hardware Features:


Use Cases: Speed Firmware

Commercial UAVs

The Vertiq 6806 180KV is built for commercial UAV applications, specifically those that carry expensive payloads and require peak performance and reliability. IQ did its initial testing flight testing with BFD!

FPV Drones

This module is ideal for FPV pilots who want to build the biggest and baddest personal drones. Experience faster throttle response, greater maneuverability, and higher peak RPM.

Wheeled Vehicles

Connect the Vertiq 6806 to a wheel to precisely drive Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs), scooters, and skateboards.

Use Cases: Position Firmware

Legged Robots

The Vertiq 6806 modules are perfect for high-torque, direct drive applications like legged robots. See our demo of pre-programmed trajectories below:

Robotic Arms

An IQ Vertiq 6806 180KV motor can be used to actuate movement at every joint, giving a robot arm smooth, precise motion. Check out our mirrored writing demo:


Closed-loop position control and Anticogged motion can make gimbal systems extremely smooth and stable.

Maker Projects

IQ modules are easily programmable and versatile, so they can be used in many different applications. We made a virtual spring below. What will you dream up?

Speed Motor Setups: IQ Vertiq 6806 180 KV vs. Competition

IQ Motor ModuleDrone Setup #1Drone Setup #2
MotorIQ Vertiq 6806 180 KV T-Motor U8 Lite 150 KV T-Motor U8 170 KV
Electronic Speed Control (ESC)Integrated Alpha 60A HV ESC Phoenix Edge HV 60A ESC
Motor Dimensions (Dia/Height) (LxWxD) (mm)79.5 / 37 87.1 / 27.05 86.8 / 26.5
ESC Dimensions (Length/Width) (mm)Integrated 75.7 / 32.5 76.2 / 50.8
Weight RTF¹/ RTU (g)340** 312 366.6
Motor KV (RPM/V)180 150 170
Voltage (V) / No. of Lipo Cells (S)50.4 / 12 50.4 / 12 50.4 / 12
Min Speed (RPM)0 Not Specified* Not Specified*
Torque (stalled, continuous) (Nm)1.3 0 0
Max Current Continuous (A) (motor/ESC)30/60 29.7/60 23.8/60
Reversibility (3D mode)Yes No No
Open-loop velocity controlYes (Voltage/PWM) Yes (PWM) Yes (PWM)
Closed-loop velocity controlYes (PID+FF) No No
Regenerative and active brakingYes Yes No
Active freewheeling (synchronous)Yes Yes No
Over-current protectionYes Yes No
Built-in Controller/ESCYes No No
Sinusoidal (vibrationless)Yes Yes No
Price (USD)$399.00 $409.98 $411.85

* Manufacturer does not specify this feature on their website
** For the production version, IQ is aiming to make this competitive to the U8 Lite

Position Motor Setups: IQ Vertiq 6806 180 KV vs. Competition

IQ Motor ModulesPosition Setup #1Position Setup #2
MotorIQ Vertiq 6806 180 KV T-Motor AK70-10 T-Motor U8 170 KV
ControllerIntegrated Integrated ODrive V3.6
User AssemblyNo No Yes
Motor Dimensions (Dia/Height) (LxWxD) (mm)79.5 / 37 89 / 50.2 86.8 / 26.5
Controller Dimensions (Length/Width) (mm)Integrated Integrated 140 / 50
Weight RTF¹/ RTU (g)340 521 320
Motor KV (RPM/V)180 100 170
Voltage (V)50.4 48 56
Max Speed (no load) (RPM)4500 400 Not Specified*
Min Speed (RPM)0 0 0
GearboxNo Yes (10:1) No
Torque (stalled, continuous) (Nm)1.3 8.3 Not Specified*
Max Motor Current Continuous (A)30 8.8 23.8
Max Current Burst (A)90 26.1 120
ReversibilityYes Not Specified* Yes
Open-loop position controlYes (Voltage/PWM) Not Specified* Yes (PWM)
Closed-loop position controlYes Yes Yes
Closed-loop multi-turn position controlYes Not Specified* No
BackdrivableYes Not Specified* Not Specified*
Over-current protectionYes Not Specified* Not Specified*
Built-in Controller/ESCYes Yes No
AnticoggingYes No No, beta version
Price (USD)$399.00 $498.9 $438.9

* Manufacturer does not specify this feature on their website.

Support & Documentation

You can find documentation and other resources at our website, including links to a preliminary datasheet and other manuals.

Manufacturing Plan


IQ has had a great relationship with its motor manufacturer since 2018. They made and delivered the Vertiq 6806 alpha prototypes in August 2020. We’ve tested the alpha versions rigorously and found several ways to improve the motor design. With these updates, we will initiate a run of beta prototypes (pre-production units) by the end of October 2020, and we plan to receive and validate those motors by the end of this year. At that point, we will make any final low-risk design modifications and begin full production. The final units will likely arrive at our office in Philadelphia, USA in February 2021.


IQ is employing the same strategy for the controller that we did with our first Crowd Supply campaign. Our PCB manufacturer, which has been making boards for us since 2017, made the alpha prototypes in August. We’ve tested the boards and discovered that upgrading several components could make a significant difference in performance. These new components will be included on the beta PCBs, which will be ordered in late October and arrive in early December. Once these beta units have been validated, IQ will order the production versions in parallel with the motors.

Assembly & Calibration

IQ eventually hopes to outsource final assembly and calibration to a third party, but for the prototype runs and the first production run, IQ will do all assembly and calibration in-house. The assembly process involves soldering the controller to the motor phase wires, then screwing in the bottom cap. From there, IQ connects the integrated motor and controller to its calibration jig and runs the calibration and quality control procedure. All motors that calibrate and pass the QC check are ready for use. When IQ receives the production Vertiq 6806 motors and controllers in February 2021, we will assemble, calibrate, box, and send them to Crowd Supply.

Risks & Challenges

IQ is doing all that it can to minimize the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on this campaign, but it is difficult to predict how the situation will change between now and delivery. The COVID crisis exacerbates several existing challenges of production.

First, the supply of certain electronic components is inconsistent even under normal circumstances. In early 2020, COVID caused major supply chain issues because many manufacturers shut down or limited production. Most of these issues have been resolved, but it is something we will have to monitor closely.

Second, IQ manufactures its parts overseas. Usually when we do a major production run, we’ll send a member of IQ to oversee the final steps of the process as a way to reduce risk. Since we can’t do that now, we will have to double and triple check all specifications and processes to ensure the manufacturer gets the part right the first time. It is essential that the manufacturer hits the agreed upon specs. If they don’t, our timelines get pushed back by a minimum of 6 weeks.

If any situation arises that would delay the expected delivery date, backers will be informed promptly through project updates.

Shipping & Fulfillment

Crowd Supply will be handling all fulfillment and logistics. As such, all orders will be shipping from their warehouse in Texas, in the US. See the Crowd Supply Guide for more information on their ordering and shipping policies.

Produced by IQ Motion Control in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Sold and shipped by Crowd Supply.

IQ Vertiq 8108 180 KV

IQ 8108-sized integrated motor and controller with position sensing. This module comes pre-loaded with IQ's Speed Firmware and can easily be updated to IQ's Position Firmware.

$399 Free US Shipping / $18 Worldwide

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IQ Vertiq 8108 180 KV Kit

4x IQ 6806-sized integrated motor and controller with position sensing. These modules come pre-loaded with IQ's Speed Firmware and can easily be updated to IQ's Position Firmware.

$1,499 $8 US Shipping / $18 Worldwide

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About the Team

IQ Motion Control

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania  ·

Born out of the University of Pennsylvania’s robotics lab, IQ Motion Control is a tech startup that delivers the ultimate drone motor module for versatility and performance.

Jon Broome
Matt Piccoli
Sarah Baig

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