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The compact, open, and smart PCB reflow oven. Bake your dream!

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Basic Kit

Includes: REFLO, test board


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Includes: REFLO, solder paste, test board, sample board "Shakey bot", tote bag


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Includes: REFLO, test board


Deluxe Kit Early-Bird

Includes: REFLO, solder paste, test board, sample board "Shakey bot", tote bag


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"MagicBox ha anunciado el horno de reflujo portátil REFLO, un modelo pequeño y abierto con diseño muy cuidado que ayuda a realizar prototipos de circuitos para dispositivos IoT, wearables o pequeños robots."

REFLO is a stylish, portable reflow oven for creators and makers to easily, quickly, and professionally prototype circuits for their IoT device, wearable, small robot, etc.

  • Portable at only 6" x 6" x 2.7" - it's the worlds smallest reflow oven
  • Efficient, requires only 300 W
  • Operable from a mobile device
  • Open source hardware & software
  • Compatible with the Arduino IDE
  • Low cost

Who Needs It and Why?

Designers and makers of electronics know that with every passing year, products get smaller, software and hardware are more tightly integrated, the development cycle gets shorter, and ever faster turnaround times for prototypes are required. In response, there have been great strides in simplifying the difficulty of designing small PCBs. However, there have not been similar advances in the production of prototypes of those PCBs. Instead, designers end up soldering parts one-by-one by hand, gearing up full-scale production facilities, going to outside vendors, all of which can add up to substantial bottlenecks. That’s where REFLO comes in: it’s a compact furnace with high heat retention and a compact high performance heater, combined with a compact control device. It’s a reflow device that anyone can handle.

We believe REFLOs simplicity and accessibility will dramatically improve how quickly projects can be prototyped. We hope REFLO will help folk who are working on removing barriers between hardware and software, and thereby change the way PCBs are produced, much as 3D printing has changed product development. We believe REFLO will accelerate innovation.

Features & Specifications

  • Reflow oven: 2" x 2" max SMD PWB reflow oven
  • Temp control: 100-250 °C temp control with heater, cooling fan, and K-type thermometer
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth 4.0
  • Controller: select reflow profile, reflow process indicated via mobile software
  • Compatibility: iOS and Android
  • Power Consumption: 300 W max
  • Dimensions: 150 mm x 160 mm x 80 mm
  • Weight: 1700 g


REFLO T962AControleo3R340A
Footprint6" x 6" x 2.7" 14.6"x14.2"x9.4"Oven Toaster size10.50"x16.50"x9.25"
Power300 W 800 WOven Toaster1500 W
price$349 $230-500$249+Oven Toaster$667
PortabilityEasy HardHardHard
OpenYes NoYes No
ControlleriPhone/iPad (BLE) Front PannelFront PannelPC
Workspace2" x 2"7" x 9"Oven Toaster size11" x 8"
CommentGood for small product Populer productDIY


REFLO consists of:

  • Compact enclosure made from refractory bricks with high thermal insulation
  • A surrounding, rugged, dedicated heater with high thermal conductivity
  • Cooling mechanism with optimized duct and fan
  • BLE controller that adjusts heater and fan with thermocouple

Front View

A. 300 W mold heating element heater B. Electronic control unit C. Heater module D. Thermocouple sensor

Back View

E. Reflow controller F. LED G. Cooling fan H. Power switch I. Solid-state relay J. AD-DC converter K. AC outlet

REFLO’s compact enclosure makes it easy to control the temperature. In addition, by controlling the heater and the fan simultaneously, an ideal temperature curve can be acheived.

  1. The controller is easily accessed via a mobile phone app.
  2. The execution status is displayed in real time.
  3. Temperature profile can selected from three beforehand, according to the solder paste to be used.
  4. By using different types of solder paste, it is possible to assemble double-sided boards.

Since the system is fully programmable via the Arduino IDE, you can re-program things like profiles, which allows for maximum flexibility and adaptability.

Since the heater controls only 300 W maximum by one SSR and has low power, it can also operate in the general environment. With a small, but robust chassis, REFLO can be brought and used almost anywhere.

Manufacturing & Fulfillment Plan

We have worked to minimize the risks. There are no specialized parts in the design, and all the components needed are readily available.

We will be using Crowd Supply to fulfill backer orders. You can read about shipping policies in The Crowd Supply Guide.

Risks & Challenges

For production of 100 or more, it may be necessary to upgrade equipment to improve its ability to cut furnace enclosure.



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