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The compact, open, and smart PCB reflow machine. Bake your dream!

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Basic Kit - Early Bird



Deluxe Kit - Early Bird

Includes one REFLO Air, mini vice, magnifier holder, solder paste


XY Table - Early Bird

Semi-automated XY table


Basic Kit



Deluxe Kit

Includes one REFLO Air, mini vice, magnifier holder, solder paste


XY Table

Semi-automated XY table


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REFLO Air is a stylish, portable reflow machine that lets creators and makers easily, quickly, and professionally prototype circuits. Use it for your IoT device, wearable, small robot, or whatever project you’re working on.

One-touch Operation

The heater system is built in a compact enclosure and mounted so that you can focus on soldering of small parts without manually operating the heater module. The soldering process has been simplified by enabling one-touch settings such as preheating and reflow. You can use the operation panel to change the temperature, adjust the fan speed, and even the LED brightness on the display.

Designed for Safe, Easy Use

Soldering can be messy, hard to do well, and if done poorly, the joints will be weak. REFLO Air includes a safeguard on the heater module - a timer that limits continuous operation. That way, safe operation is possible even for beginners. The LED lighting the board and the magnifying glass function of the mobile app make it easy to monitor the soldering process. REFLO Air’s low power consumption and small size make it usable in many different environments.


  • Portable size:
    • 138 mm x 51 mm x 138 mm
    • 900 g
  • Efficient power requirements: 200 W max
  • Heat control:
    • 100-300°C temp control
    • K-type thermometer
    • Cooling fan
  • Optional accessories:
    • Phone holder (available in Deluxe Kit)
      • 3D-printed mount
      • Allows a phone to use its camera in order to magnify the reflow area
    • Mini vice (available in Deluxe Kit)
      • Aluminum
      • Screw clamp
    • Semi-automated XY table option (availble for separate purchase)
      • 3D-printed table
      • Allows mouse control of the X and Y axes

Magnifier mount add-on.


Left: full REFLO AirRight: Closer view of heater module

A. Heater module |J. Heater safe guard B. Air duct module | K. Heater
C. Cooling fan |L. Thermocouple sensor
D. Control panel | M. LEDs
E. Electronic control unit | F. Power switch | G. AC inlet | H. Power control module |


Soldering IronHeat Gun 858DREFLO Air
Footprint (in) Handy size6” x 4” x 5”5.4” x 2” x 5.4” 10.50” x 16.50” x 9.25”
Footprint (mm)Handy size152 mm x 101 mm x 127 mm138 mm x 51 mm x 138 mm 267 mm x 419 mm x 235 mm
Power 20 W - 60 W680 W200 W 800 W
Price $25 - $50 USD$50-90 USD$239 USD $230 - $500 USD
Portability EasyEasyEasy Possible
OpenYes No
ControllerDialFront panelTop panel PC
WorkspaceTable sizeTable size4” x 8” 7” x 9”
SMD solderingDifficultPossibleEasy Easy

Open Source Hardware & Software

REFLO Air is proudly open source. We’ll make all documentation and resources publicly available as the campaign progresses.

REFLO Air heater module.

Use the Basic Controls: Temperature, Fan, LEDs

How does the reflow process work?


Based on the campaign progress, we will estimate the approximate number of products we need to produce and arrange for the necessary parts. By the middle of July, we’ll be finishing assembly of the products. We have experience with manufacturing and assembly from our previous campaign, REFLO.

Fulfillment Plan

We will be using Crowd Supply to fulfill backer orders. You can read more about their shipping policies in The Crowd Supply Guide.

Risks & Challenges

We have worked to minimize the risks. There are no specialized parts in the design, and all the components needed are readily available. However, handling the power supply on the primary side, using a heater element, and the customer’s power supply voltage may vary from 100 V to 240 V, so we think it is important to test the product and the power supply. We will build an environment that can do all these things, so ensure that you receive a quality machine.



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