Aug 24, 2021

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"There are ten kinds of people in the world - those understand binary and those who don’t." — Unknown

New: Kryptor FPGA

Kryptor FPGA is an Intel/Altera MAX10 dev board and a one-chip Hardware Security Module (HSM) that plays nice with Raspberry Pi and Arduino platforms.

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Coming Soon: Pixel Pump

Pixel Pump is an open source manual pick and place machine for PCB artisans.

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Coming Soon: GoWired Multiprotocol Gateway

GoWired Multiprotocol Gateway is a versatile hub for all wired communication.

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Project Updates:

Change PICO DSP’s MEMS mic array pickup pattern.

Boot Linux on a Jupiter Nano.

Control a prosthetic arm with BioAmp EXG Pill.

In Stock: Qomu

Qomu is an Arm Cortex-M4F microcontroller with embedded FPGA that fits inside your USB port.

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In Stock: Somu

Somu is an open source 2FA/FIDO2 security key that fits in your USB Type-A port.

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In Stock: NeTV2

NeTV2 is an open video development board in a PCIe form factor that can overlay content on encrypted video signals. Get this FPGA dev board and join bunnie in fighting against Section 1201 of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA).

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